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Halloween Costumes to Make at Home

Buzzle Staff Oct 21, 2018
Okay, it's that time of the year again, Halloween! There are numerous homemade Halloween costume ideas that can be incorporated into your preparation. You want to look the best, yet you do not want to be dressed up in something that is common around your place.
Halloween, also spelled as Hallowe'en, is celebrated on October 31st every year. The colors for Halloween are mainly orange and black.
The main things that are done for Halloween are going to costume parties, lighting bonfires, visiting haunted locations, telling scary stories, watching horror movies, and of course playing pranks on others. It is basically a Celtic festival and also well-known as the festival of the dead.
Costumes for Halloween are an important part of the celebrations. In fact, the costume itself will act as a catalyst in starting the celebrations. So naturally, everyone wants one, the best one, and of course a unique one!
By going to the store and buying one, you might end up exactly the same as the rest in the crowd. So let's have a look at some ideas on Halloween costumes that can be made at home itself. There are numerous ideas that can be brought to life. Costumes made at home will be cheaper and also you can customize it in order to appear different from the others.

Halloween Costumes For Adults

Vampire Costume

Vampire costume is a simple costume that can be made at home. Wear a white shirt, black pants, black socks, and black shoes. Use hair oil or gel for your hair. Then drape a black cloth as a cape over the shoulders on the top of the shirt. A bow is a must. Get fake fangs from a toy store. Take some white makeup and put it all over the face.
Then use some black makeup to create a widow's peak from the hair up to the top of the nose on the forehead. And then use some red makeup as blood dripping from one side of the mouth. The best thing is that all this can be easily done at home, and you will surely find people gazing at you in awe.

Ghost Costume

Wear a full-sleeve white shirt. Take a large white fabric and drape it over the head in such a way that it is evenly distributed from all sides and covers the whole body. Make a temporary marking where the eyes are situated, remove the cloth and cut out the eyes.
Now wear a cap on the head facing backwards. Put on the fabric once again and pin it to the cap. This is necessary so as to keep the costume in place. Apply some dark (preferably black) makeup around the eyes to add to the scary look. Put on some white gloves, socks and shoes, and presto, the scary ghost is all set to run loose.

Nerd Costume

Here is one that will not scare people, but surely get you the laughs and attention. And it's sure to be something unique. Put on a check shirt and a contrast bow. Now wear a pair of shorts and pull it high up. Maybe a pair of suspenders could add to the nerdy look.
White socks and black shoes should be perfect for the feet. Use hair gel and part the hair in the middle, and get that flat hair look. A large pair of glasses should complete the perfect nerd look. For extra effects, you could carry a book with you all around.

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Ninja Costume

Use a black cloth to wrap over the head in such a way that only the nose and eyes are visible. Dress up in a black sweatshirt, black pants, and black socks and shoes. Make sure you tuck the pants into the socks. Wrap a red fabric around the waist of your kid as a sash.
A toy sword (bought or even made out of cardboard and silver foil) should complete the perfect ninja look. And your kid is sure to run around the place waving his sword all around, enjoying every moment of it.

Black Cat Costume

Put on a black sweatshirt with a hood for your child. Draw and cut out cat ears, stick black paper onto them and attach to the head using a band. The pant also needs to be black. Make a tail out of old black socks. Stitch many socks together to get a nice long tail.
Put on some black socks and shoes, and make your child wear black gloves, painting them with white paw marks. Paint the tip of your child's nose black, and paint some whiskers on the cheeks. Now that's gonna be one swell black cat running around the place.

Pumpkin Costume

Wear extra-large orange sweatshirt. For the eyes and nose, simply cut three triangles of black fabric and stick or stitch onto the sweatshirt. Wear brown leggings and sneakers and an orange cap, et voilla! the perfect little pumpkin look for your cute kid is ready!

Firefighter Costume

Dress your kid in a white T-shirt and black pants. Let him wear a black jacket over this, preferably an over-sized one. Outline the jacket with yellow duct tape. Use silver duct tape to go from the front all the way around on the jacket. Two strips can be done on the jacket. Similarly, one can be done on each leg of the pant.
Black socks and black shoes or boots would be perfect for the feet. Put on some badges on the sweatshirt. Put some black makeup on the face to give the effect of a firefighter just back from a hard day's work. A small red helmet and maybe a toy ax would just about complete your cute little firefighter.

Halloween Costumes For Girls

Sunflower Costume

Dress your little girl in a full-sleeve green sweatshirt, brown pants and a pair of sneakers. cut a circle of a yellow cardboard in the middle so it fits onto the child's face. On the outside, cut-in the shape of petals. Make dots on the face by black makeup. This is a simple-to-make costume, and will obviously catch everyone's attention.

Princess Costume

Haven't you always wanted your little girl to become a princess? Well now make her into one. Dress her up in a frilled white dress, tights and white shoes. Do her face up with lipstick and blush, she needs to be glowing and sparkling.
Tie her hair back and put a tiara on her head. If you have a toy or stuffed frog, nothing like it. That will give her that complete look of 'The princess and the Frog'.

Popcorn Costume

Paint a cardboard with red and white stripes like a popcorn box. Cut holes for head and arms. Remove the bottom for the legs to go through. Write the word 'popcorn' on the box in white. Dress her up in a white sweatshirt and tights under the box and put on a red hat. For real popcorn look, stick popped corn on the hat and box and all will be amazed for sure.

Halloween Costumes For Women

Witch Costume

Wear a long black dress and a wig over the hair. Put green makeup all over the face, and make a large wart on the face. Black boots or sneakers would do for the feet and take a old broom in the hand. Get a witch's hat from the store and compete your look with it.

Cheerleader Costume

Wear a white turtleneck with a tank top and a thigh-high solid color skirt. On a white cloth, draw an outline of a megaphone with a black permanent marker and write a slogan you like inside. Cut it and stick it onto the tank top. Wear white socks and sneakers. Tie a high ponytail with bright ribbon. Grab all the attention with this look!

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Clown Costume

Put on some extra-large sweat clothes. Paint on the clothes with using paint or markers. Include the use of pom-poms, a wig, a hat, and some funny makeup. A clown couple will sure grab all the attention. Just make sure you go around the place together always.

Scarecrow Costume

Wear an over-sized fannel shirt, a pair of faded blue denim jeans with patches on it. Use a rope as a belt and to tie up the cuff of the sleeves and jeans. Put some makeup on the face. For slight bulge, stuff the inside of the clothes with some plastic and put some straw to hang out of the shirt and jeans. A couple scarecrow would simply be a blast.

Mummy Costume

This costume is simpler than most people think. Just wrap yourself around in white rolls of gauze (bandages). Splotch green paint around for the mold. Put only white makeup on the face, and draw some age lines. You are going to be a bit stiff walking around, but it is worth the trouble, especially when done in a pair.
Make sure you rock this Halloween, because now you have it all easy. With these Halloween costume ideas, you should have no problem in dressing up into something of your choice, something that you always wanted to be and look like at least once, and go around to have a blast. Have fun, some scary fun!