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Halloween Games for Adults

Puja Lalwani Oct 19, 2018
There is nothing like some games to spruce up a party, and Halloween parties are no exception. Here are some Halloween games for adults that provide unforgettable fun, and horror too!
Whether you are hosting a Halloween party with friends and family, or simply want to celebrate the spirit of Halloween, the celebrations are incomplete if you do not enjoy some great games.
Kids may have to play some less scary games, but there is no reason why adults cannot enjoy the true gore that this festival is associated with. From fun to spook, the games mentioned here will give you a little bit of everything.

Halloween Pictionary

While making mummies, pumpkins, and bats is child's play in pictionary, use this game to describe scary horror movies. Not only does it provide the thrill, but also adds a challenge to the game. This game can also be played in the form of charades.
Make a list of some horror films, divide your guests into two groups, and have a member of each group pick an option and enact or draw it out on a whiteboard within a set time limit of 2 minutes. This will keep you and your guests occupied for a good amount of time.

Trap the Skeleton

As the name suggests, you will require a skeleton for this game. Usually, for Halloween, great glow-in-the-dark skeletons are available, which you can use to make this game more interesting.
Place the skeleton in an area that is empty, without any breakable objects in the vicinity, and switch off the lights. Divide the group into teams of 3-4 players, and have them toss as many hoops as possible around the neck of the skeleton, within a set time limit.
Each player from a team will get 3 chances. The team to put maximum number of hoops around the neck of the skeleton wins. This is one of the most enjoyable Halloween party games for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Halloween Dares

Come up with spooky dares to perform this Halloween, and scare the hell out of your guests.
You can tell them to make creepy calls, to spend time alone in a room that you have set up to resemble one that is haunted, to watch a gory scene without closing their eyes, to recreate a horror scene from a movie in the most authentic manner, etc. Come up with as many spooky dares as you can, and thoroughly enjoy this game.

Balloon Bursting Contest

This is a game that allows the adults to bring out the child in them. Tie a few balloons around the ankles of random guests.
These guests have to be caught by other guests, and have the balloons burst. It is one of the most hilarious games, and will be even more fun if done outdoors, as it will allow some space for your guests to run freely.

Scary Pumpkin Contest

While all of us decorate pumpkins in Halloween, here is a contest to make the most scary, ugly, and horrific pumpkin possible, just by carving it. Provide props such as wigs, fake blood, fangs, etc. to give the pumpkins a realistic appearance.
Of course, the ugliest pumpkin wins! Click pictures of these pumpkins and use them as party favors that your guests can take home as memories of the great Halloween bash that you hosted.
Play these games, and have a memorable time with all your friends, family, and colleagues. There is no way these games will be forgotten, what with all their fun and spook!