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Halloween Games for Girls

Sheetal Mandora Oct 19, 2018
What's a Halloween party without some fun, and spooky games? Read the CelebrationJoy post to find games that'll leave everyone wanting for more.
Halloween is the only time of the year where you can decorate your house with scary skeletons, make special effects with the fog machine, and make sure anyone and everyone gets scared when they come to visit, and get away with it.
Bobbing for apples is so clich├ęd, and you really don't want to be stuck with kids roaming around and doing nothing. So if you are looking for inspiration for your party, then perhaps the following games can be of some assistance.

Scary Costumes

Before you send the invitations out, make sure you add a line that there will be a fashion show at the party. Phrase the invitation in such a way that they understand that their costumes will be judged in a contest, and they will get prizes as well.
On the day of the party, ask the girls to do a little catwalk in the living room, and whoever has the scariest costume and makeup wins the prize.

Paint Me a Ghost

Depending on how many girls are coming for the party, keep that many pumpkins, water colors, color pencils, rolls of toilet paper, and cotton balls ready.
Have the girls be creative when they are painting their version of scary ghosts on the pumpkins. Award prizes to those who truly painted a scary picture.


In a bowl, put Halloween-related movie names, phrases, and quotes written on paper strips. Begin to play the game, divide the girls into 2 teams, and ask a girl from each team to pick out slips one by one. Similar to charades, the teams have to guess what is being enacted in front of them to win points. Whichever team gets the most answers right, wins.

Find that Item

In one of the rooms in your home, keep a scary skeleton on the bed, spider webs all around the room, and other eerie decorations. Keep the lights off in the room when you are ready to play the game. Inside that room, there will be a box filled with prizes.
The girls have to go inside the dark room and try to find the box. You can also keep a fog machine in the room and some other decorations that make weird noises to make the game even more spooky. Whoever brings back the box, gets to keep it.

Paint Scary Faces

Grab some face paint colors and brushes. Divide the girls into pairs, give them the colors, keep a timer of about 2-3 minutes, ask them to make scary, funny design on each other. In the end, everyone's faces are painted, judge who gets to claim first prize.