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Halloween Games for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra Oct 17, 2018
Halloween is adventurous, scary, and fun. Here are some Halloween games for teenagers, which can be freaky and enjoyable.
If you have planned a Halloween party for your teenage son or daughter, you take care to see that the decorations, as well as the food requirements are complete.
However, considering the fact that it's a teen party, it is the entertainment part you are confused about. Do not worry because here are some creepy and funny Halloween games, which are sure to keep them entertained, excited, and in high spirits throughout the party.

You are Finished

  • This game is just what you need to create the right atmosphere.
  • Gather all the teens, and tell them that one corner of the room is the 'morgue'; and as soon as they are 'finished', they have to go, and lie there as dead bodies.
  • Switch off the lights, and tell them to hide.
  • Next, one of the hosts comes out, dressed in a scary costume with a torch in hand.
  • So, as and when he finds and touches a teen, he is labeled as finished and has to go lie down in the morgue corner.
  • The one, who is caught last is declared the winner of this game.
  • To make the game believable, do not forget to play some scary music in the background.

Scavenger Hunt

  • To play this game, make groups of five to six each, and decide on a group leader.
  • Next, give each group a list of items to get from the neighborhood.
  • The team, which comes back first with all the items is declared the winner.
  • To make the game appropriate for the occasion, include things such as apples, candles, garlic, broom, pumpkin seeds, spider webs, marshmallows, etc. in the list.

Dance with a Twist

  • This can turn out to be one of the most interesting games for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Make groups and have a dance competition, but the twist is that they have to creatively use various Halloween symbols such as pumpkins, witch hats, broom, candles, white clothes as props while dancing.
  • Decide on three judges, and have them declare winners on the basis of how scary and entertaining their dance was.

Eyeball Hunt

  • For this, you will need enough ping pong balls to fill three buckets.
  • Paint six balls as eyelids, and put two in each of the buckets.
  • Now, make groups of three.
  • The rules of the game are that the groups have to hunt for the eyelid balls in the bucket in the least possible time.
  • The group, which is able to find all six eyelid balls at the earliest is declared as the winner.

Movie Quiz

  • Most of us have seen some of the famous movies like Harry Potter, The Haunted Mansion, Coraline, The Nightmare before Christmas, Death becomes her, etc.
  • So it's a good idea to have a quiz, where you ask questions about famous characters, plots and scenes from some of these movies.
  • For every right answer, give a fake spider web as a prize to add to the fun.
Organize these games well, and make sure that your guest list does not exceed thirty (so many teens together are almost impossible to handle!). You will have the most memorable and entertaining Halloween ever!