Halloween Invitation Wording

Halloween Invitation Wording

Just few more days to go, and Halloween will be here. Sending out your invitation cards and need some help with the wordings? Then this article will provide all the help that you need.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Many a time it happens that someone owes money to us, but we do not have legal documents that would compel the borrower to pay us the money at every specific time interval, be it every month, every six months, or every year depending on the nature of the transaction the obligee and obligor shares. But there is one legal document, known as payment agreement, that allows the obligee to receive regular payment from the borrower.


Payment agreement is a document signed by the obligee and a payee, which states that the obligee has to receive a certain amount from a payee to avoid a specific enforcement action. There are many situations where people have to sign such agreements. For example, in divorce cases, a mother can get the payment agreement signed from the father stating that he has to pay a certain amount for the child till he attains a certain age. Some insurance companies too, get an agreement signed by the policy holders stating that they would pay any amounts that are not paid by the insurance company. Hence, this is a legal document that binds the payee to make regular payments to the obligee.

Sample Template

Looking at the diverse nature of payment agreement, it is evident that its structure is subject to change depending on the kind of contract. For example, the template of an insurance company would be different from the personal loan payment for the alimony after divorce. But there are some basic contents that every agreement has to possess. They are as following:
  • Name of the obligee and payee
  • The total amount that the payee has to pay the obligee
  • Date of the agreement
  • Date of the commencement of the payment
  • The duration or dates of payments
  • The ways in which the payment will be made
  • Details of collaterals and related clauses
  • Any other peculiar rules or clause related to the contract or agreement
Given below is a generic format that you can refer to draft your own.

When witches go riding,
And black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers
Tis near Halloween.
~ Anonymous

It's the night when the witches roam around freely on their brooms, it's the night when the dead come out from their graves, and walk the earth, it's the night of Jack o' Lantern, it's the night when children dress up like witches, or the devil, goes from door to door trick treating, it's the night which people call the Halloween night! Come 31st October and people will be busy celebrating this special day.

Did you know that this day is considered to be the second most successful holiday after Christmas? Children and adults alike, wait for this day eagerly, and when it comes 'hell' breaks loose. Costume parties are held in almost in all households. We believe even you would be all geared up, and sending invites. Here are some ideas which will help you to make your cards special.

Invitation Tips

Preparing the party cards gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run. You can either buy the store cards, use your creativity, and make your own cards. While making the cards, make sure that you use black and orange, the two most important colors assigned to this festival. Black symbolizes darkness, while orange symbolizes the harvest season. There are certain points which you need to keep in mind while deciding on the invitation wording.
  • Think or look up for some Halloween quotes or poems which your guests will love. Make use of your imagination, it should be fun as well as scary.
  • The wordings should match with the main theme of the party. If the theme is say, 'insides of a human body', then the invite should not be about graveyard.
  • The wordings should tell the guest what they are to expect at the party. And also mention where and when, the party is going to be organized.
  • Mention whether the party is only for adults, or whether children are also invited.
  • Do not forget to talk about the best part - the food and drinks. All these can be mentioned in a "spooktacular" manner and made more interesting.
Let us now see some of the sample scary invitation ideas.

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fires burn and cauldron bubble
Calling all witches, vampires, goblins and ghosts
The Gellar family will be your host

If you want some trick or treat
Eyeballs, worms there are plenty to eat
Visit our graves at quarter past 9
Wear your costumes and be on time
If you are looking for some juicy treat
Lots of food you will get...
Ghosts and witches and all creatures of fright
Don't miss this call on the Halloween night
Come all, come all
In the threads of the season,

If you miss this party,
'Tis an act of treason

Adults, be there at 8 and meet your fate
bring your bloodiest and tastiest food concoction
And your human date.

Jack is smiling his toothless grin,
Because he wants to invite you in
To Jackson's house this Halloween
A party with witches and ghosts like no one's ever seen
Come dressed in your best disguise,
Maybe you will win the first prize...
I have been lazing all these years,
And my coffin is full of tears
Let's have fun with ghosts and ghouls
On this Halloween night at Raul's
Park your brooms
Hang your wings,
Put on your pointy hats and pointy teeth
Carry the pumpkins and light the candles...
It's Halloween when we will party till the end...
Gracy's grave at 8
with tasty food and bloody drinks...

These ideas are sure to help you while you are getting your cards ready. Just use your imagination and be creative. Happy Halloween to all of you!
This was the general format, which may differ as per each contract. I hope this information was resourceful for you. So, go ahead and draft your own contract as per your requirements. And, make sure to use it as when necessary, to avoid any legal issues in future.