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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Saptakee Sengupta Oct 17, 2018
Halloween is no fun without a party, and a party is no fun without some rocking games. But when you have a Halloween party, then the games have to be tweaked to be in line with the theme of the party. Read on to know some of the best games for a Halloween party.
Once again, it's the time of the year to celebrate Halloween. If your Halloween party is all planned except the games, then you are in luck. Here are some of the best games for your Halloween party, that not only the kids, but you will enjoy as well.
So this Halloween, along with the trick and treating, the costumes, and the pumpkin pie, try out the games mentioned here to make your kids' party a rocking success.

Halloween Games for Kids

Pumpkin Bowling

Celebrating Halloween without pumpkins cannot be imagined, and conducting a pumpkin bowling show is one of the easiest things to do.
The game goes this way. Fill empty plastic water bottles with small pebbles and sand. The bottles will act like the pins. You can paint the bottles with bright colors for an attractive look. The pumpkin will be the bowling ball. Let your kids roll the pumpkin to hit the balls. This is simply fun!

Ghost Capture

This Halloween game requires a large area. Divide the kids into four groups. Prepare capture flags with ghostly themes, i.e, different scary images painted on them, specific for each group.
Now divide the playing zone in four territories. Place the flag in each game zone. Hide the flags with a little portion of it visible. The game starts with searching for their own party's flag hidden in other's territory. The group that finds out the flag first is the winner.

Mummy Wrap

Mummy wrap is a funny Halloween activity for kids. You need to gather some cheap toilet paper rolls for making the wrap. Halloween crepe paper streamers are used to make the mummy look colorful. Now one kid will start wrapping the roll over another. You can hold a mummy wrap competition as well and distribute prizes to the children.

Scavenger Hunt

Arrange for Halloween knick-knacks, like plastic spiders, goodies, skeletons, caps, witches, candies, etc. Dismantle these items and hide them all over your house, including in your backyard. Divide groups before beginning the scavenger hunt. The group that collects highest number of parts of the dismantled pieces is the winner.

Scarecrow Building

Making a scarecrow is not only interesting but also an immensely fun Halloween game.
Provide all the materials required to build a scarecrow. This includes hay, bamboos stick (for the body), pot (for the head), old clothing, olives (for eyes), carrot (for nose), strings for wrapping, colors and a hat. Decide the time limit. The team that completes first is the winner.

Eyeball Relay Race

One of the funniest Halloween games for kids is the eyeball relay race. Kids are divided into groups. Now pick a kid from each team and hand him a spoon containing a pinball painted black like an eye ball. It can also be a black marble. Then start the stop watch.
The kid has to cover a certain distance and hand over the spoon to another kid, and then to another. This way the game goes on within a specific time. The team to do this first is the winner. Dropping the ball is not allowed.
For toddlers you can arrange for a cluster of pumping games, like pumpkin paintings, musical pumpkins, etc. Spooky games also amuse children a lot. Therefore, choose a theme and conduct accordingly. Make sure your kids enjoy the games and jump in joy during their Halloween holidays.