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Halloween Party Games for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Rita Putatunda Oct 19, 2018
Games are often the life and soul of a Halloween party. This year, to make your party one of the best in the town, we have listed some of the best game ideas for kids, teens, and adults. Check them out!
Halloween parties are always looked forward to. We start planning them months in advance and preparations still take toll on us till the very last minute. There are so many things we have to take care of―the food, the games, the costumes, and the decorations, to just name a few.
To make your task a little easier, we have listed some of the best Halloween games here. With these, you can make your party an instant hit.

Games for Kids

This age group is easiest to please; kids get into the Halloween spirit with gusto. However, if they are too young, you must ensure that the games aren't too scary.

Eyeball Relay Race

Divide the children into two teams. Now, divide each team equally and make the two halves stand on two opposite ends of a hall. In turns, one child from each team has to carry an eyeball on a spoon to his team on the other end and hand it to the next child. Continue this till every child in each team has had a turn. The team that finishes first, wins.

Ghostly Waiter

Divide the children into teams again. The first child of each team is given a paper plate and a balloon. The balloon must be balanced on the plate as each child walks as fast as possible, up and down a set course.
The diameter of the plate has to be such that the children find it difficult to balance the balloon. This will also be a relay and the team that finishes first is declared the winner.

Guess the Scarecrow's Nose

Keeping in mind the general height of children participating in the game, paint a scarecrow on a sheet and keep it ready before the party. Cut out the nose of the scarecrow. Now, divide the children into two teams again. Ask one team to leave the room temporarily.
Ask the adults to then hold the sheet up at the doorway. After this, each child from the team outside puts his nose through the hole in the sheet, while the children inside the room try and guess who's the scarecrow.

Halloween Freeze Tag

All the players must be in Halloween costumes. The adults have to randomly choose one child to tag the other children. This child will touch the other children and say 'freeze'. When he does this, that particular child must stand still.
Other children can touch the frozen child and unfreeze him, only and only if they can guess the costume he's wearing. Each child gets five minutes to freeze as many children as possible. The child that has the most number of children frozen at the end of five minutes, wins.

Games for Teens

Teens might feel that certain Halloween games are silly. However, we have here, some challenging games that should get even the most jaded teens asking for more.

Dancing Competition

Divide all the teens into pairs. Each pair has to dance on a song that will be played randomly for a minute. If you want, you can give them a particular dance type to dance on such as jazz, salsa, etc.
However, in this case, you should give them a preparation time of approximately half an hour. It is compulsory for all teens to wear costumes. It would be funny to watch a vampire do the salsa with a werewolf, wouldn't it? A popular vote or a panel comprising adults can decide the winners. Prizes such as CDs or gift vouchers can be given to the winners.

Haunted House

Divide the children into teams with equal number of members in each group. Give them a bag full of stationery and decorating items. Allot each team a specific corner in the basement.
Each team has to decorate their corner and make it look as scary as possible. When all the corners are done, the basement will turn into a haunted house. The team that has done the best job, wins.

Most Monstrous Makeover

Divide the children again into teams. Give each team a bag of assorted make-up items such as false eyelashes, make-up boxes, lipsticks, false noses, wigs, and so on.
Each team will choose a member of their team as the monster. Now, give each team 10 minutes to apply make-up on the person they chose as the monster. The team that does the best job, wins.

Games for Adults

Adults themselves turn into children when Halloween turns up. For these enthusiastic and young-at-heart adults, we have listed some great games that they'll not only enjoy, but also use for their individual parties.

Halloween Scene

Make available items such as scary mannequins, fake blood, swords, knives, old clothes, costumes, etc., to all the people present. Divide them into two teams and make sure that each team has enough items.
Then, divide your yard or entrance in two parts. Each team has to create a scary scene in the area allotted to them. The team that creates the scariest scene within an hour, wins. At the end of this game, you also get a scary Halloween scene made for your home.

Halloween Killing Instincts

This is a hide and seek game with a difference. Draw names and choose one person as the murderer. Give the other guests 5 minutes to hide wherever they want. The 'murderer' has to close his eyes while the guests hide. Turn the lights off and have only a couple of flashlights kept around the house.
The murderer then hunts out his victims. Each time a victim is killed (read: caught), he (the victim) must let out a bloodcurdling scream and go to the center of a room, designated as the cemetery, and lie on the floor. The last victim, whether he is caught or not, is declared as the winner. Some soft, scary music in the background will work wonders.

Battle of the Balloons

The guests should be divided into groups. Black- and orange-colored balloons should be tied to each player's ankles. On the word 'go', each team should try and burst the balloons of the other team. As each person's balloon is burst, he withdraws from the game. The team that has the last balloon left is declared the winner.
Irrespective of what your age is, Halloween is a time to celebrate. So, make sure you indulge in at least a few of the games mentioned here and have a great time!