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Halloween Party Games for Teenagers

Sheetal Mandora Oct 19, 2018
What's a Halloween party without some amazing, spooky, and scary games? Read on to find fun games that teenagers can play at their party.
Everyone loves Halloween. It's not just about costumes or going to a party; the whole atmosphere around that time turns so amazing. The cool weather and the warm sunlight reflecting off the skin is lovely. And, it's really magical.
Planning or being invited to a Halloween party is the perfect plan for the evening. And if you have a party to attend to on the 31st, then perhaps we can help you device some Halloween party games for teens and young adults. A teen party without games is no fun, and we all know that.
Would you like to stay at a party where there was good food, good music, but nothing else to do? Even when people send out party invitations, many a time, the main focus is on the fun things to do that evening. Whether you're searching for some party games, we won't let you down.

Bobbing for Apples

This is a fun game for all ages. And instead of just placing apples in a bucket filled with water, you can opt to hang them as well. Choose different food items besides apples such as hanging donuts, or chocolates and jelly fruit in a bucket of flour.

Ghost Story

For our next game, we'll share some ghost stories. Once all the guests arrive, turn down the lights (almost dim), and ask everyone to sit in a circle. You will have a flashlight with you. Turn it on and keep in near your face.
Start with a ghost story you know and when you reach a twist, give the flashlight to the person sitting next to you. Similarly, everyone will get a chance to add their ideas to the ghost story and make it as scary as they can.

Let's Play with the Zombies

Out of all the guests, 1 person will be chosen as "it". The rest of the guests will stand, sit, or lay still, without any expressions, similar to zombies. The person who is "it" will do anything that will make the zombies smile, move, or any actions. Whoever gets caught doing so will have to join "it". The last person remaining wins the game.

Count the Candies

You'll need a big glass jar and Halloween candies. Place all the candy inside the jar and ask everyone to write on a piece of paper how many candies are inside. Everybody will get 1 chance to guess and whoever guess the closest gets the jar full of candy.

Worm Race

The worm race is a simple game that can be played outside. Make 2 teams, divide everyone evenly, and mark the start and finish lines.
Have everyone stand in one line (so technically 2 lines), place their left hand behind, and the person standing in the back will hold it with the right hand. Blow the whistle so that everyone runs to the other side, still holding hands, and come back to the starting line. Whichever team finishes first, wins.