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Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Parashar Joshi Oct 19, 2018
With Halloween just round the corner, it's time for everyone to put on their thinking caps and try to come up with innovative party ideas. If you are throwing a party on Halloween, you need to be as creative as you can to come up with a fun night for you and your friends.
Of late, Halloween has managed to achieve the unique distinction of being an occasion when one gets a chance to witness extremes of 2 main things - creativity and absurdity. Halloween party costumes can either be extremely creative, or they can turn out to be the most absurd thing you've ever seen a person wear on Oct 31st.
Rarely is there a third possibility involved. From Superman to Lara Croft, to Heidi Klum's horrendous Halloween costumes, Halloween, quite clearly, is one helluva occasion! Party ideas for Halloween too, fluctuate between two C's - Creative and Crazy.
Well, as far as kids are concerned, Halloween is all about playing fun games, gorging on some yummy party food, and running door to door playing trick-or-treat. At the same time, adults can also look forward to a lot of things on Halloween.
Therefore, in addition to Halloween costume ideas, here are few suggestions and ideas regarding themes, games, decorations, etc. Let us have a look at some of them.

Party Themes

Halloween is always associated with another 'H' word ... horror! So, it is common to see that most party themes are based on creepy and scary ghost themes.
And to be frank, quite a lot of them are really enjoyable to say the least.
  • Horror movies
  • Famous horror movie characters
  • Harry Potter series
  • Lord of the Rings series
  • Stone Age theme
  • Cartoon character theme
  • Famous world leaders theme
  • Famous historical figures theme
  • Fairy tale character theme
  • Hollywood celebrity theme
Obviously, what you wear to the Halloween party will depend on what the party theme is. The key here is to let your imagination run wild and come up with something extraordinary.

Party Games

Halloween games aren't meant for kids or teenagers alone. In fact, this is one occasion when as a grown up, you have the license to bring alive the child in you and enjoy to your heart's content.

Costume Contest

Quite a common game but nevertheless, one which can be the perfect way to kick-start your Halloween party. Award a special gift to the person or the couple with the best costume.


Another entertainment activity which can suit any type of party; having a karaoke contest or a sing-along session can be a whole lot of fun.
Imagine the likes of Adolf Hitler, Captain Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson, a Stone Age caveman, Napoleon, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Princess Leia, Dracula and George Bush, all under the same roof, singing 'We are the Champions'! Hilarious, isn't it?


You can have a pumpkin carving competition for the ladies wherein the objective can be to make the best possible Jack-o-lantern. If you want to add to the fun element, rope in a few guys as well!

Creepy Charades

Everyone knows what 'charades' is, and how it is played. However, this time round, you can have a special scary version of it, exclusively for Halloween! Include all the creepy horror flicks that you can think of, and act them out.

Scary Story

Have a scary storytelling contest. Include everything from creepies and crawlies to witches and ghosts. Award a prize to the guest who turns out to be the best storyteller.

Party Supplies and Decorations

Being a typically spooky affair, candles and dark creepy d├ęcor is a must for your Halloween party. Artificial lighting should ideally be kept at a minimal level. Opt for dark orange or even neon light bulbs, instead of the regular ones.
Hang a couple of voodoo dolls in a couple of corners. Place oil lanterns and candles at strategically selected places, such that the light (and the resulting shadows) creates a typically haunting, creepy effect all around you. Your goal should be to make it a House of Horrors! Buy a few special decoration items and accessories to complete the look.
You can have specially designed personalized invitation cards, or you can opt to go digital by creating a graphical animated invitation, which you can then email to all your guests.
This was a brief overview on Halloween party ideas that adults can take into consideration. Organize funny games, and let people bask in the celebration. Happy Halloween!