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Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Puja Lalwani Oct 19, 2018
If you're deciding to have a last-minute Halloween party for your little ones, here's a look at some ideas that you can draw inspiration from, to throw a great, memorable party.
Halloween is one of those holidays that kids look forward to, more than adults. The fact that they get to dress up in various costumes, go trick-or-treating, and generally attend a lot of parties, is something all kids love.
Organizing a Halloween party for the little ones then, is completely worth the effort and time. For those of you looking to organize a stupendous party, here's some help.

Venue and Time

The venue for your party can be both, indoors or outdoors. Usually, party planners suggest the outdoors, as it gives kids more space to scream, squeal, run around, and make a mess. All these needs are restricted indoors.
However, it depends on your convenience too. If you don't have an outdoor space to host the party, then indoors will do just fine.
As far as time is concerned, since these are little kids, ensure that you start and end the event early. Somewhere mid-afternoon is a good time to start. Try to keep the party on a weekend, and definitely avoid the 31st as a party date, as kids usually go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
In most cases, it is a good idea to invite a parent along to the party, so that if the little one has any problems, the parent is around for some help. This is not a compulsion, but a matter of choice.


The invitations can be designed in the shape of a pumpkin, a ghost, a witch, a bat, a spider, or any other item that speaks Halloween. However, you can also choose to keep them plain and simple, particularly, if you are making last-minute preparations and don't have time to design.


The party theme does not necessarily have to be spooky. It can be a theme that has kids dressing up in costumes that resemble their favorite cartoons, animal, a plant, pirates, little vampires, or as spooky creatures of Halloween.
Based on the costumes, your decorations and the remaining party theme can be decided. When you decide the theme and let the kids know about it, ensure that you find out what they are coming dressed as, so that no two kids dress the same. Kids usually like to be different and stand out, and if two kids are dressed the same way, it may kill the party mood.


As mentioned earlier, the decorations will be based on the theme you decide. More often than not, a Halloween party follows a spooky theme, with decorations such as flying bats, spider webs, and ghosts making their presence felt.
Candy wreaths that are easily accessible is another great idea. For more on the kind of decorations you can indulge in, for both indoor and outdoor parties.

Games and Activities

No Halloween party can be complete without planning for some games and activities to keep the kids occupied. Kids, by nature, are a restless lot, which is why you need to plan way in advance.
Whether it is by a Halloween movie, or by creating some Halloween crafts, or by playing some scary games, the choice is yours. Some kids do not take to scary games very easily, so keep that in mind before you decide on the games.


Just like games, food is a big necessity in any Halloween party. With the 'trick-or-treat' mood in place, having enough candy and treats is a must. Apart from that, Halloween themed food will make for some great food items for kids at the party.
Having finger foods is a good idea, because kids can get pretty messy with food. Food that they can eat on the go will be much more convenient for them and for yourself.
Ensure that you have appropriate music to set the mood (even if its for the kids). Also, remember to send back the kids with some great Halloween party favors, as a memory of the great time they had at the party you organized for them. Derive inspiration from these ideas and throw the best Halloween bash of the year.