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Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra Oct 19, 2018
Let's see some unique Halloween party ideas for teenagers that might come in handy for the party hosts.
Halloween parties have to be fun and scary. They are quite different from the regular ones, and that's why everything in the party, the decoration, music, games, etc., should reflect the creepy Halloween mood. Here are some ideas that will help in making an "All Hallows' Eve" party for teenagers, successful.


Choose the theme carefully, as everything, right from the decorations and invites to the food and games, will have to be planned according to it.
Some of the most popular Halloween party themes are - 'Vampire Night', 'A Haunted House', 'Murder Scene', 'Funeral', 'Seven Deadly Sins', and 'Heaven and Hell'.


The invitations should be eye-catching and should get all the teens excited to attend the party. A unique idea would be to shape them in tombstones.
On these invitations, along with the name of the guest and party venue, write a funny epitaph for the invitee. Reading one's epitaph would be enough to make the reader curious to attend the party.


The decorations will depend on the theme of the party. To create a spooky atmosphere, switch off the lights and place candles all around the venue. Use varied props like fake knives, witch brooms, fake spider webs, plastic pumpkins, and apples to decorate.
Cover the surroundings with red and black-colored fabrics. The candles, weird shadows of people moving around, the props, red and black surroundings, and scary songs playing in the background, such as People Are Strange by the Doors, will surely give the party an eerie effect.


Halloween games for teenagers should be exciting, scary, and fun, at the same time. Some of the games are - 'hide and seek', wherein all the teens will be hidden and someone dressed as a ghost will try to hunt them; 'truth or scare', in which a teen has the option of either answering a question truthfully or doing something to scare the other guests.
'Treasure hunt' in which some kids will look for the hidden items such as apples, witch's broom, garlic, candles, marshmallows, etc., at the party venue, while the others will try to scare them.


Since most teens will be dressed in a variety of fun costumes, one of the most exciting party ideas would be to have a costume contest. You can even arrange a fashion show.
Some other activities can be - Halloween movie quiz, sharing scary ghost stories with everyone, apple races, and a pumpkin carving contest.


The food for a Halloween party need not be very elaborate. Pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, chips, soda, and fruit punch will be enough to please the teens.