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Halloween Party Ideas for Toddlers

Shashank Nakate Oct 19, 2018
Here're few interesting Halloween party ideas for toddlers. Activities are easy for parents to arrange and kids would enjoy them to the fullest.
A toddler party for the occasion of Halloween sounds to be a great idea. Although, toddlers cannot participate in each and every activity the elder kids enjoy, such a party can be made fun by making use of some interesting ideas.
Toddlers unlike the older kids are not able to go for trick-or-treating activities wearing those Halloween cartoon costumes. It is only few easy-to-implement ideas that are of use to these little goblins. Engaging these kids in activities like crafts, decorations is recommended. Parents can make use of Halloween invitation wording ideas to invite the guests.

Toddler Halloween Party Ideas

The party ideas for kids presented here, include games and activities that are enjoyable and most importantly, suitable for toddlers.

Pumpkin Decoration

The activity of decorating pumpkins is amongst the best Halloween party ideas for toddlers. Kids and adults both enjoy the fun activity of decorating pumpkins. Sharp tools needed to cut and shape the pumpkins could prove to be dangerous for toddlers.
It is therefore, advisable to make use of materials like paper mache. Pumpkins made from such materials are available in crafts stores and their size ranges from small to medium.
Using the paper mache material for this Halloween craft not only makes the decoration activity to be safe for toddlers, but also helps in creating art works that are light weight . Apart from the paints used for decoration, materials like candy corn, black beans (dried), yarn, etc. can be used.

Balloon Pop Game

The game of balloon pop can add fun to a toddler Halloween party. In this Halloween game, children just have to pop the balloons. Two-three balloons should be enough for every child. The work of blowing up balloons has to be performed by parents.
While inflating these balloons, treats need to be placed in them. Filling enough treats in balloons should make the kids happy. Children can pop the balloons by bouncing or even sitting on them. It is quite a simple activity to arrange for, however, quite enjoyable for kids.

Pin the Tail on Black Cat

This game is similar to that of the commonly played 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. Name of any other animal can be used instead of the ones mentioned here. For this game, picture of a black cat should be made and put on a wall. This picture should be made without the tail. Kids have to be blindfolded for playing this game.
In this activity/game, kids have to draw the cat's tail. The child should be taken to the place where the picture is hung after blindfolding him/her. It is quite interesting to see how one tries to find the correct place to draw the tail. The kid who draws the tail properly should be the winner; treating that kid should make him/her happy.

Making a Goody Bag

The kids invited for Halloween parties can be presented with goody bags. Every child loves to receive gifts and such a gesture would really delight the kids. The bags should be filled with candies, chocolates and toys.
But how about allow each of them to decorate their own bag. Any activity which requires active participation is always enjoyed by kids. Children should be provided with all the necessary materials for decoration. Upon completion of this decoration work, bags need to be filled with items mentioned here and gifted to children.
The different Halloween party ideas for toddlers should add fun to this festive occasion. The use of Halloween party songs also adds fun to this festive occasion. Children at this age do not care much about the actual activity as long as it doesn't bore them. Parents can make use of many such activities to make the toddlers Halloween party a memorable one.