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Halloween Party Themes for Adults

Puja Lalwani Oct 21, 2018
While all Halloween parties are expected to be full of spooky costumes and decorations, here are some unique Halloween party themes for adults, to be enjoyed and remembered until someone can throw a better Halloween party.
Now, you would probably think Halloween is a theme in itself, with the fact that all you have to do is look like a monster, play spooky music, and have spooky decorations. However, a Halloween party can be planned around a very specific theme.
Setting a theme only adds to the necessary element of fun and enjoyment to it; and while you may be expected to keep it low-key for kids, you can go all out for adults who are supposedly more equipped to tolerate the horror. Here are some themes that you can choose from.

Masquerade with Color

One of the simplest ideas is to have a masquerade party, with men and women dressed in black and orange, the colors of Halloween, respectively. Through a masquerade, have your guests wear Gothic eye makeup for a dark look. Remember to have the Jack-o-Lanterns around with the usual bats, spiders, and other decorations that you use for Halloween.
A good idea, in terms of decoration, is to have your guests greeted at the entryway by a mannequin with a pumpkin for a head. Just the right amount of spook for the occasion.

Bloody Ball

A Halloween party based on blood, as the theme, couldn't get any spookier. Right from the invitations wrapped in blood-splattered gauze, to a trail of blood leading your guests into the house from the entryway to the party area, to blood-splattered walls, to a Bloody Mary as the drink of the evening, this theme couldn't get any more perfect.
Have your guests dressed as victims of massacre, murder or assault, with blood-stained clothes, with the knife through their brain, with wounds over their bodies, etc.
With such a creepy theme, the celebration will only be a success. For the purpose of entertainment, screen a movie as gory as your theme, such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pscyho, etc.

Haunted House

As common as it may seem, this idea is one that works without fail. Have your guests come dressed in Halloween costumes such as mummies, zombies, vampires, ghosts, or any other monster or creature they can fathom.
Keep the lighting dim, have bats, spiders, and cobwebs as part of your decorations, open coffins, candle light, furniture draped in white sheets, spears, tridents, etc. Create the right mood of a haunted house, and this will be probably be one of the eeriest Halloween bashes you have ever thrown.
An example of the many Halloween party games for adults, that you can play based on this theme, is a scary story-telling theme. Guests can either relate scary stories they've heard or scary experiences they've had, or you could create a scary story with inputs from each guest at the party.

Witches and Wizards Outdoors

On a chilly October's night, having the celebration outdoors may not seem like such a great idea. But one can have a bonfire, with a cauldron full of a bubbling concoction (soup), and all your guests dressed as witches and wizards.
Have white lights that give the feeling of a moonlit night, brooms in a corner, jars of eyeballs and other spooky items on the buffet table, and clay cups for drinks. Have your music system playing shrilly screams, cackling laughter, and spooky chants at regular intervals.
This would be a complete theme in itself. Moreover, anyone watching this from a distance would really believe that this is a communion of witches and wizards in one place.

Dawn of the Dead

Live the lives of your favorite dead celebrities by asking your guests to dress up like them. From Elvis Presley to Marilyn Monroe, to sports stars, anyone you idolized, you can dress up as those celebrities.
Having your decorations done accordingly, with a red carpet to flashy lights, posters of all those famous celebrities, rich foods and drinks, are all great ways of enjoying this theme. For games, you could have a trivia question and answer session based on the celebrity your guest is dressed as. Find out in advance, who your guest is coming dressed as.
When you decide to implement such scary and spooky themes, ensure that the crowd is capable of taking the horror that you are planning. While everyone knows that all the Halloween decorations, games, and costumes are make-believe, some people are genuinely not capable of watching such horror beyond a point.
So that your party mood isn't ruined, ensure that you take care of such issues. You can consider the aforementioned ideas or create your own, and host the best Halloween bash ever.