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Halloween Theme Ideas

Naomi Sarah Oct 19, 2018
These Halloween theme ideas will help you put together an absolutely fun part, to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. Have family, friends, or colleagues join in the planning to make it the best Halloween party ever.
To start off on a Halloween party, you need to get items that are ghoulish, petrifying and horrible. Halloween is all about celebrating the day with vigor that comes from just plain old fun.
Seriously just debunk what people say to bring down the idea of Halloween. Surely there are crazy kids out there experimenting with spirit manifestations and downright wrong acts, on Halloween.
It isn't about any of that, and it's time people started to just have a good time, and forget about bad influences and cribbing authorities, binging on candy and dressing up as your favorite character for a day.
For those of you who are looking forward to Halloween of all things creepy, here's giving you the lowdown on some of the best Halloween theme ideas for a party, and how to set things up from start to finish.

Theme Party Ideas

Wondering whether to have the party indoors or outdoors? Here's giving you ideas on where you can set up base with these theme ideas for a Halloween party.
  • Indoor house theme party
  • Outdoor camping bonfire theme
  • Rent a hall theme
  • Swimming pool theme
  • Open terrace theme
  • A night at the beach theme
  • Backyard barbecue theme
  • Rented boat theme

Costume Themes

Based on the costumes you can make everyone follow a certain attire theme. This would do well with the following costume ideas for a Halloween theme party.
Creatures of the Dark
This theme works well for those who want to dress up as characters that are sure to give others the chills. You could be anything from a bloodthirsty wolverine, to something more old school like Frankenstein or Mr. Hyde.
Draw up invitations or send one from the web, inviting others to join you for this unique party housing the oddest creatures under one roof, that surprisingly will get along. Tell them what the dress code is, clearly creature feature oriented, and pass on the word to others in your neighborhood.
Check out this list of creatures / monsters you could be on Halloween.
  • Scary human masks and costumes
  • Evil clown costume
  • Freddy Krueger costume
  • Jason costume (from Freddy vs. Jason)
  • Zombie costume
  • Mummy costume
  • Witch costume
  • Alien costume
  • Ghost costume
  • Count Dracula costume
  • Chucky costume
  • Leatherface costume (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Superhero / Villain
Everyone loves superheroes, and this is the ideal time to dress up as your favorite hero or villain from both animation and movies. There are so many of them to choose from; check out this list to see if any of these excite you.
  • Two Faced costume
  • Green Goblin costume
  • Spiderman costume
  • Batman costume
  • Wonderwoman costume
  • Iron Man costume
  • Captain America costume
  • Gambit costume
  • Hulk costume
  • Sabretooth costume
  • Darth Vader costume
  • The Joker costume
  • Sweeney Todd costume
  • Witch of the West costume (the Wizard of Oz)
  • Davey Jones costume
  • Predator costume
  • Cruella De Vil Costume
  • Michael Myers costume
Playing Cards
How about slipping into something that comes straight out of the deck of cards? You could pick out from different costume ideas of a character from hearts, spades, flowers or diamonds.
  • King of spades / hearts / diamonds / flowers costume
  • Queen of spades / hearts / diamonds / flowers costume
  • Jack of spades / hearts / diamonds / flowers costume
  • Numbers of spades / hearts / diamonds / flowers costume
  • Joker costume
  • Ace of spades / hearts / diamonds / flower costume
You can always mix it up by having many elements of the cards incorporated in one costume, to make it stand out among the rest.

How to Set Up a Halloween Party

There's a lot that can go into a party to make it a success, and these Halloween party ideas should do the trick. The following decoration, games and food ideas can help you create a scary setting indoors or even outdoors.
  • Put up bat cutouts, and stick them in clusters around the house.
  • Get hydrogen filled black and red balloons and keep them suspended in areas where your guests will be.
  • For a more scarier setting, hang up skeleton glow in the dark dummies.
  • You could place pumpkins filled with fake creepy crawlies around the place.
  • Carve out pumpkins into scary jack-o-lantern faces, and place violet candles inside, to light up.
  • You could place rubber creepy crawlies in different places like around appetizers and drinks.
  • You can use a scary faced piƱata, and fill it up with candy, as everyone gets a whack at it, to see who can let it spill.
  • You could plan out a game of 'apple bobbing', which is a famous Halloween game of trying to remove apples in a bucket full of water using only your mouth and no hands.
  • Keep candy on display like apples on a stick, and drench them in sticky raspberry sauce, and tag them as blood-covered apples.
  • Label food in disgusting tag names like 'bloody frogs feet stew', 'cups of swamp lake slime', 'tentacle delights', 'delicious worm stuffed sandwiches', and so on.

Halloween Themes for Office

For office parties, the place can be decorated with Halloween-esque items that will create a fun atmosphere leading up to Halloween.
  • You could put gooey streamers suspended from the ceiling.
  • Place bats and little shrouded ghost cutouts around the coffee machine.
  • Every desk can have a mini jack-o-lantern.
  • You could suspend a mechanical spider that crawls up and down a web strand.
  • Tell people about the aforementioned costume theme get ups to make it more fun, than being dressed in office-wear for the party.
  • Have a session of telling each other true ghost stories at night over dinner.
  • Keep skeletons that mysteriously laugh out at random time intervals hanging around the office.
To set up a Halloween party that has all the obvious elements combined, will make it a fun day. These Halloween theme ideas will have you planning out a day that is sure to have people reminiscing about a long time after it's been done with. Have fun!