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Halloween Treasure Hunt Riddles

Sheetal Mandora Oct 19, 2018
Solve riddles, and get to the treasure before anyone else can get their hands on. Read on to find fun riddles that'll keep everyone guessing.
Planning a treasure hunt can be a great way to engage everyone and keep them entertained. We all have played treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in our childhood and it sure is fun to play no matter what age we are at.
And it's not just fun to play; the whole process of drawing the maps, hiding the clues along the way, making up witty riddles, and deciding what the finish line will have in store for everyone is exciting as well.
If there are kids at your party and you wanted some scavenger hunt locations, then perhaps you can choose to place the clues inside or around the house. As for adults, place the clues in a park or around town.

Riddle #1

It is Halloween and hence you're all present.
So take the first clue from here
But be careful as you walk through the plain (go across the park)
And find ____ (clue #2) hiding through slip and slide (under a slide)

Riddle #2

Congratulate yourself as you got clue #2
But it's not so simple to get to clue #3
As you will have to pass through some ghosts
to find ___ (clue #3) hiding and hanging at the same time (clue hanging from a tree)

Riddle #3

Jump with glee as you found
your very own clue #3.
Now comes the hard part and it ain't easy
'cause ___ (clue #4) is hiding under a tree.

Riddle #4

Are you in for a dance?
How about doing some jive?
If you can't dance,
you can't pass through (a person's name where they have to dance)
and find ____ (clue #5) with him/her.

Riddle #5

Did someone say camping?
If you haven't checked the tents
then how can you find ___, your clue #6.
Rush now or give up.

Riddle #6

Witches and Vampires wait for you here
As you need to pass through them (a cave or bridge)
to reach clue #7 ____
Search for the cave and find it now.

Riddle #7

Is the sky blue or black?
Keep looking up for the next clue
as it may just be hanging somewhere close to you.
Do you have it in you to find clue #8 ____?

Riddle #8

A scarecrow will stop you at the gate
and ask you all sorts of questions.
Don't pay heed to it
'cause he's hiding ____ (clue #9) under his feet.

Riddle #9

One more clue to go
One more clue between you and the treasure.
Can you find a woman in fishnet stockings?
Perhaps she's the clue between you and your treasure...
As you read, the riddle #9 will give you the final clue to reach the finish line, and get your hands on the prize. Whether the hunt is designed for kids or adults, one thing's for sure―they will definitely remember your party till the next Halloween comes. Who knows, since you organized a perfect game, they might just want to keep coming back for more.