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Ideas for Halloween Treat Bags

Medha Godbole Oct 19, 2018
Going trick-or-treating on Halloween night is something all kids look forward to. So, this year, make this holiday more special by giving them a jazzy bag for the sweets they get.
When it comes to making Halloween bags, you can be as creative and different as you want. You can make bags in different shapes and sizes, and in an array of colors and prints.
The best aspect about these candy holders, is that they hardly take any time to make. Here are a few ideas on how you can go about making Halloween trick-or-treating bags for your kid or even yourself.

Take it Away

Use a takeaway bag that is cleaned well from the inside. Take a jazzy wrapping paper or an old scarf and use it to wrap the bag. You can always draw or paint on this to give it a personal touch.
Also, if you find embellishments like ribbons, fake mustaches, bat wings, stick-on studs, angel wings, or even jack-o'-lantern stickers, use them to decorate your bag. Make it as decorative and festive looking as you can. Remember to attach a wire to it, so that you can carry it around easily.

Superhero Mania

Depending on your costume, make a groovy bag that completes your look. So, if you are dressed up as Catwoman, Batman, or even Superman, then decorate your bag in such a way that it complements your getup. If you choose to dress up as Catwoman, then your bag can have scratch marks, paw prints, or even cat eyes as decoration.
If Batman is your choice, then using bat wings or even his logo is a good idea.

Tomb Raiders

If you really want to hone in the spirit of Halloween, and you plan to dress up as the Grim Reaper, then use black bags made of fabric or leather.
You can paint or write RIP on them, or, you can paint them gray, and shape them in a way that they look like tombstones. To accentuate the bag, give it a finish using bright red paint to give your bag a bloody look. This bag can also be used as favors that you fill with sweets and give to kids coming to your door asking for sweets.

Animal Kingdom

This bag is a favorite with smaller kids. Take a bag, and paint a hive like design on it. If your daughter or son are going out dressed up as bees, then this bag will look marvelous with their costume. For those who are dressing up as lions, tigers, or bunnies, all you have to do is attach a pair of ears to the bag, and you are all set.
Remember, the ears you use should match with your kids outfit. You can use ready-made ears or you can make them yourself using chart paper.
Remember to be as creative as you can, and have a blast with your kid while making a bag for him. If you do not have time to make trick-or-treating bags, then do not worry. You can always purchase them from stores near you and personalize them using glitter pens.