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Halloween Vegetables You Need to Know About

Sujata Iyer Oct 19, 2018
The best way to eat, dress, and decorate during Halloween is by using vegetables. Here we'll tell you how you can incorporate them in these three forms.
Halloween is all about the spirit. You have to feel it, and the only way to feel it, apart from running down the street yelling like when you were kids, is to go all out on some awesome Halloween decorations, costumes, and food. And what's the one thing that you can use from this? Halloween vegetables!


A great idea for a Halloween costume is to dress up like a vegetable. Let us see some easy Halloween costume ideas that revolve around vegetables.


Get your kid to wear a pair of bright green pants, green socks, and green shoes. A bright yellow top to go with it is good. Then, for the leaves, take sheets of crepe paper and cut it in the shape of the leaves.
Stick the leaves on a cardboard band that is painted green. Fasten this along the waist of the pants. Design a hat that resembles the tip of the ear of corn and paint your kid's face yellow.


Chillies are another fabulous way to dress up as Halloween vegetables. And probably the easiest too.
All you need to do is wear green! Or, if you're thinking other chillies, you can try out a complete orange, or red outfit (preferably a pant and top), and wear a dark brown or black hat, as the tip.


Pumpkin Patch

The most popular Halloween decoration using vegetables is definitely carved pumpkins.
This year, carve some really scary and some really happy faces on a number of pumpkins, and instead of having just a couple of them, have at least a dozen or half a dozen pumpkins placed in your front yard. Have your own pumpkin patch and punctuate it with a few tomatoes here and there.

Carrot Fingers and Potato Toes

If you want to really freak the little ones out, try this idea out. Take a bunch of carrots and cut them in such a way that they resemble human fingers. Paint them a mild shade of brown, and accentuate with knuckle markings. Let them dry. Until then, get to the potatoes. Carve out toe-like pieces from the potatoes.
If you peel them you'll have to paint them, so carve them without peeling. Once the carrots and potatoes are ready, tie a couple of them together, and hang them on your windows, doors and wherever you want. Enjoy the shocked expressions of your trick-or-treating guests as they see them.


No Halloween party is complete without some expertly created Halloween recipes that use Halloween vegetables to keep the 'spirit' alive. Try out these ideas that incorporate veggies into something scary, possibly gross, yet delicious.


Nothing like a juicy, creepy crawly insect to gross your guests out as they lift the lid on their platters. You'll need spaghetti, beans, carrots, olives, and any other vegetables that you wish to use, to further enhance this idea. Make a worm out of the cooked spaghetti.
Chop the beans and carrots, into sticks, and place them below the body of the worm to resemble its legs. Cut the olives into spheres, and use them as eyes. Your gross insect is ready to be devoured.

Bell Peppers

You can replicate the carved potatoes using bell peppers as well.
Do the same thing that you do with the pumpkin. Cut off the top, remove the seeds, and clean the pepper from inside. Then carve some scary faces on the skin. Now, you have two options.
You can either place a candle inside it, and use it as a decoration OR you can fill it up with a yummy filling of cheese and mac! Apart from these, you can also use melted cheese and veggies to make a gross-looking blob.
So, now that you know how to use Halloween vegetables and you better be on your way to the market, or you'll miss out on the fresh veggies that you need to use! Happy Halloween!