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Beautiful Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Aparna Jadhav Oct 4, 2018
Occasional decorations are nothing without beautiful hand blown glass ornaments. Take a look at some beautiful designs of this ancient art.
Glassblowing is a technique of forming glass which involves inflating the molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe or a blow tube. It was invented by Phoenicians around 50 B.C. and the earliest evidence of glassblowing came from a collection of waste from a glass workshop in Jerusalem.

German Ornaments

There are a variety of things that can be made with the art of glassblowing. But the main thing that makes these articles look mind-blowing is the glass that is used and the skill of the craftsman. German glass is often used in most cases.
This type of glass can be molded very easily and has a beautiful texture and shine. It can be painted and made into any shapes and sizes to be hung on Christmas trees as colorful ornaments. It can also be made into ball ornaments with rich colors like blue, teal, red, orange, and golden.
Give these ornaments a frosted pine cone, fat pine cone, heart, snowman, and tree look with the help of these hand blown glass materials.Wedding and anniversary ornaments, birthdays, and any other kind of celebration ornaments which could be made according to your choice.

Egyptian Ornaments

Egyptian hand blown glass is very famous for its ethnic and cultural touch. They make perfume bottles out of this glass.
Egyptians use very rich colors in these ornaments and mold them in two to three folds to give waves on the glass surface. It takes a lot of effort and time but with their proficiency, they have mastered this art.
Hand blown glass was used since ancient times in Egypt to make elegant candelabras with wooden legs and the candle holders made out of blown glass. Like the Germans, the Egyptian glass also has an individual identity and is famous all round the world for specific hand blown glass ornaments.
Colorful Christmas ornaments like hand blown glass ball ornaments and glass crockery like, tea kettles, vessels, authentic Egyptian chandeliers can be made.
There is another way of making these ornaments and that is by mouth blown glass. The hot glass is blown using mouths to give the various kinds of shapes and sizes and then put it in a furnace which has color to give the rich and attractive colors to the objects.

Italian Ornaments

Italians and Europeans love art, and glassblowing is one such art they love to engage in.
There is a slight difference, as they are made into shapes of people and animals with bright colors and are beautifully molded.
They have a matte finish to their colors and do not look like glass ornaments in any way. They are very delicately and have intricate designs.
Ornaments like Mr and Mrs Claus, pretty girls, animals and birds, and many others look very impressive when hung on the tree.