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Handmade Christmas Crafts

Mamta Mule Dec 14, 2018
Handmade crafts are easy and inexpensive way of decorating your house during Christmas. Moreover, these give a personal touch to the entire decorations. You can have fun preparing them with your family and children. So want to learn a few? Read on...
As the month of December sets in, we get busy planning for the Christmas decorations. Decorating our house as much as possible and better than the previous year is what we wish.
While decorations consist of many things, handmade crafts are always a part of it. This is a fun exercise and a great way of having classic decorations in a small budget. If you want to know about some craft ideas, then here are a few.

Craft Ideas for Christmas

Ornament Crafts

One of the best decoration ideas is to beautify your Christmas tree with gracious ornaments. You can use glittery red pompoms to decorate the tree. Make ornaments using aluminum pie plates.
Have crescent moon and star cut-outs to further jazz up the tree. Make a hole at the top of each cut-out to hang it to the tree using a silver thread. Also use small nails to make indentations on the cut outs and enhance their look. Thermocol, which is a commonly used material, can be used to make stars as well. Further paint them using glitter paint.

Bottle Snowman

You will need a 2 liter plastic soda bottle, fine grain sandpaper, sponge brush, black and white acrylic paint, red and black colored felt, pipe cleaners, glue, plastic spray paint, plastic spray can lid of spray starch or smaller size, plastic lid of butter tub or similar size. Here is the procedure to make it.
To make this craft, start by sanding the bottle surface using sandpaper. Also, sand the spray can lid and tub lid. Now, paint the spray can lid and tub lid using black acrylic paint. Paint the entire bottle in white color. Keep all three pieces separately and let them dry well.
Use black felt to cover the top and sides of spray can lid. Cover the top side of tub lid with the same felt. Now, glue the spray can lid to the tub lid to make the snowman's hat, glue at center. Let the glue dry. Now make a hole in the bottom with a knife by turning the hat over. The hole must be little smaller than the circumference of the top of the hat.
Now, use sand or pebbles to fill up half bottle, so as to keep your snowman from falling over. Take a red felt and cut 1- 1½ inch wide and 2 feet long strip. Tie this felt around the bottle and glue it, about 3 inches below its mouth. Use pipe cleaners to make earmuffs. Coil two of them and used third one to attach them with each other.
Wrap them across the back/top of the bottle and stick with glue. Apply glue to the hole made in the hat and place the hat over the top of the lid. Use a red pipe cleaner to decorate the hat. Draw eyes and nose, lips and buttons using a black marking pen. A cute bottle snowman is ready.

Cardboard Wreath

Decorate your door with a cardboard wreath. Make perfect use of old toilet paper tubes. Take cardboard tubes of toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes. Take a cardboard sheet backing, newspaper sheets, 1/4 inch red pompoms, red and green paint, glue, pencil, stapler and scissors, a large lid and a medium-sized lid, to trace circles. Here is the procedure.
Cut a circle of 6 inch diameter from the cardboard. Now make a hole in its center which must have a diameter of 3 inches. Cut small pieces of newspaper and staple them to the outside edges of this ring. Use green paint to color both sides of the ring and newspaper properly. Now fringe the newspaper pieces, cutting from the outside edge towards the inside.
You can use a pencil to curl the edge. Wrap them around a pencil and hold for a minute, now release. Cut the cardboard tube in the middle, lengthwise. Now, cut 1 inch strips, crosswise.
Paint these strips from inside and outside with green paint. Let the paint dry. Glue these loops to the ring, glue to inner circumference. Glue the red pompoms randomly. You can also use red satin ribbon to give a finishing touch to the wreath.
The handmade Christmas crafts mentioned here are easy to make and much inexpensive. You can try these and decorate your home in a unique way.