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Hanukkah Bush Decorating Ideas

Azmin Taraporewala Nov 20, 2018
Decorating a Hanukkah bush enlivens your festive spirits and gears you to brighten up the occasion. This information is a motif laced with ideas that will help you ornament your bush. Your hanukkah bush would be elated to wear some of your homespun embellishments!
Hanukkah; a word that rings bells of celebration and merriment. Well, Christmas happens to be Hanukkah's ancestral cousin. A tiny bush with embellished whorls and needles marks the advent of Hanukkah. Unfortunately, there have been disputes that refute this very idea of decorating a Hanukkah bush.
Controversies claim that having a Hanukkah bush is to indulge in adultery with the Jewish culture. Disloyalty and disrespect towards your very own Jewish religion is reported, as an amalgam of the Christian-Jewish culture, where in due process, the faith and fortitude of the Jews dissolve.
We say; believe in yourself and don't let such self-fulfilling prophecies thwart your excitement. Make way for a Hanukkah bush that spells fun and frolic in your dwelling. With your imagination on the run, coupled with some wise and wild ideas, you should be ready to pile on the praises!

How to Decorate a Hanukkah Bush

To add to the celebrations of Hanukkah, it is observed as a holiday for the Jewish community. Menorahs, baubles and dreidels are some decorative pieces that occupy Jewish homes at Hanukkah, however, in the recent past, a small bush has also made it to the wish list of Jewish families, especially by those who have children stomping around.
After all, kids love festivities and love to bask in the excitement the occasion has on offer! Families who prefer to have a Christmas tree instead of a small bush, also need a mention.
Nevertheless, the demarcation is announced by the choice of embellishments chosen by the Jewish folk to adorn the tree. So, to have a bright and jolly Hanukkah bush, decorating ideas are splashed through this page, just to make your work easier and your fete merrier.

Pick on Your Own Size

The very first step to decorating your Hanukkah bush, is to get one home. A Christmas tree or a tiny bush, is the question.
For a novice at work, a small bush is the ideal choice, however, for veterans, a Christmas tree could serve a larger expanse for hanukkah decorations. Make a choice, respecting your expertise of working with/at it!

Light-ening Panorama

What better way to adorn your Hanukkah bush than splashing lights through the whorls of your tree or bush. White, blue and silver lights could coil and embrace the needles.
It would be a striking idea to have your tree draped in LED garlands, blue and silver dictating the light play.

Tinsel Trivia

Tinsels and garlands strike the next best bet after lights. Decorate your Hanukkah bush with lush tinsels and garlands, keeping the color scheme in mind. Using shades of blue and silver to make your tinsel laces would add character to your tree.
You may have your very own homespun tinsel garlands. A combination of silver, white and blue beads forming tiny trinkets or splicing velvet sheets into waif-like strips are quick yet creative concepts to work with.

Ornately Ornamental

Hanukkah is tagged incomplete if the bush starves for ornamental possessions. Menorahs, baubles, star of David and dreidels are a must for your tree to look thoroughly embellished. If you want, you may buy them at a store, however, there is oodles of charm in creating custom-made embellishments. A few ideas to orient you with the making of your ornaments...
• Clay comes handy when you want to add your tint to your celebration accompaniments. Menorahs and star of David could be created in plenty. With blue and silver sparkles, make the outlines of these ornaments strike with prominence.
• Occupy your kids in making play dough and splicing it into Hanukkah-themed shapes. Make menorahs and stars of different sizes by using cookie cutters. For them to harden, slide them into a preheated oven. You may punch a hole and glide a silver or blue band to form a loop. Seeing them hang on those crisp needles of bush would make for a magnificent sight.
• Slip blue and silver hued beads through a slim wire and swerve it to form a star and menorahs. A 2-dimensional bead bauble would do the trick as well. Wire the beads into four bangle-shaped ornaments.
Introduce one bangle through the other, in such a manner that they are intertwined from the radial view, forming a curved cross. You could slide the other bead bangles as well to form a 2-dimensional bauble.
• To highlight the top of your bush, construct a four-layered star of David. Carve out four stars from a thermocol/polystyrene sheet in subsequent star shapes descending in size. Splice the star close to the edges, maintaining the edge thickness of an inch or two.
Place the stars within the biggest star, so that they have a concentric epicenter. Sprinkle silver sparkle, coupled with blue for a festive looking star. Virgin silver sparkle could also rule your choice.
• Why not maneuver through your child's play closet and dig out marbles? Cover these marbles with blue and silver stripes of shimmer sheets. You could attach a spare key chain swivel and slide a thin sparkling thread through it. Tie its ends to hang your marble ball on the branch. Or attach the swivels with the key ring for a convenient 'hangover'!

Team a Theme

Provided here, are a few themes that you could play with or modify it to fit the bill. An advice; think out-of-the-box or think obtuse; just don't give way to 'the mundane'!
Your Hanukkah bush may constitute not just goodies symbolizing the festivity, it could also serve to be a platform to display your charitable endeavors. Carve little bags of marble paper or use fine-net for the purpose.
Skirt the edges of the bag and swoop a silver braid from between the space, a result of the skirt fold. They could serve to be a perpetual tie-up on the bush blades. Your friends and acquaintances could pop in money, when they come over to appreciate your efforts. Donate the amount collected, to a charitable trust. Celebrate an elegant yet noble Hanukkah.
Green Grounds!
Another theme you could explore, is to have witty yet pithy phrases and expressions that spell your environment-friendly demeanor. Little glass dreidels carrying these expressions or symbols may also serve to get your point across.
It is not necessary that you target such heavy-duty themes. Lighthearted ones, for instance, you being an out-of-control foodie may add an anecdotal pep to your bush/tree.
Form shapes of fast-fat foods, aerated drink bottles; almost anything you like, with clay or play dough, carve them with cookie cutters and hang them on crisp green whorls, amongst the other Hanukkah ornaments. So, don't restrict yourself to traditional or public awareness themes, go out of your way and play with themes twisted with wit and a roll of fun.
Hanukkah offers you an opportunity to exercise the creative streak in you and celebrate to your heart's content. Prove yourself as the brightest bulb in the harbor and capture wonderful sentiments with your very own Hanukkah bush decorations.