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Dad, You're the BEST! Here's Wishing You a Happy Father's Day

Manali Oak Apr 19, 2019
Father's day is here again, it's time to celebrate fatherhood. This one's for you dad.
From 'my daddy strongest' to 'my greatest support system' to 'my biggest weak point' ... that's what he is, for every daughter. He has seen her grow from a little girl to a mature woman. He is the first Man in her life - her Father.
Here's a tribute to all the daddies on this very special occasion of Father's Day. Here's something perhaps every daughter would want to say, this Father's day.
As a young girl, your father is the strongest in this world, unbeatable, incomparable, and the greatest of all dads. There's no one better than your father, there's no one stronger than your dad. As a little girl, you associate the superlative of every good thing in life with him.
For your dad is the most capable of all men in the world, and there's just no one who can match up to him in any aspect. You grow up, you change, and so does your perception about your dad. You begin to realize you don't talk to him like you did before, you realize he is not like he once used to be, but you look into his eyes and you see only love.
You know the communication still isn't lost. You grow up. You don't need words to communicate now. A smile to cheer you up, a nod when you really need it, a pat on the back when you really want it and a 'yes I am with you' look when it seems no one in the world is going to understand. That's what you want from your dad now.
Is he really the strongest? You wonder sometimes, and why should he be, you tell yourself ... you realize you were a kid to think like that about your dad, you laugh at the little you, the innocent you, but also feel you are missing something now. Are you missing your 'daddy strongest'?
Are you missing the child in you? The child who never really 'judged', who never really 'thought', who never at all 'analyzed', the child in you who just loved and believed, believed that her father was the strongest of all men and the best of all dads.
It's not that you love him any less. It's not that you don't believe he is strong. But you also analyze. You read him, as a father, as a person. You know he is someone's son, you read him; you now realize he not just a dad, he is also the husband of someone you love as much, your mother. You were a girl once, you're a woman now.
At some point in time, you remember all the times spent with dad; the small joys shared, your little successes that meant big achievements for him and even those little failures that made him cry ... though he never really showed that. He smiled with you, he cried when you were in tears but never let that show.
So unexpressed yet so heartfelt, his expressions used to be. Men can never communicate well; they can never express their hearts out; you know, for you are a married woman today.
You remember your wedding day, how your dad had walked you down the aisle, how his eyes had showered love and how his closed lips had said a lot... you remember the slight tremble in his hands while giving your hand to some other man. That was probably the first time you had seen him cry.
Seeing tears in his dimples you had smiled, you had cried, you had hugged your mom, you had cried in her arms. But you had avoided looking at your dad 'coz you had never before, seen tears in his eyes. Just once before you left, you had so much wanted to look at him, you had wanted to go back, hug him, kiss him, like you used to, years before.
All your childhood memories had come flooding back to you - your first day at school when he stood outside class without letting you know, your first bike ride when he had followed you so as to not let you fall, your first day at college when you had not let him accompany you, you had thought you were big enough.
The Mr. Mom he had become when you had told him about your love. "I have found the love of my life, and we have decided to marry", you had said. Today you've grown up, he has grown old, he is yet the ever-so-young daddy for you. He is your strength and your weak point.
 He is, yes, the most wonderful man in the world. He is the first man you met, admired and adored so much - your father. Here's wishing you all a happy father's day.