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Holiday Gifts for Clients

Azmin Taraporewala Nov 20, 2018
It is the time for gifting, especially to those who have been loyal to you and your company. Holiday gifts could serve to be the best way to deliver boundless gratitude to the most essential ingredient of your business: the client! Read on for some ideas...
Season's greetings, birthday wishes through greeting cards ... well, you must have come across such gestures from business or brands you have regularly associated yourself with.
Call it business strategy or a thoughtful intention, it is all about keeping your clients happy and coming back for more. Nevertheless, how could one forget that this is the time of the year when clients need to be reminded that brands care about them!

Gifts Your Clients would Love to Receive

Gift Baskets

Offer products that melt in the mouth; yes, literally so! Go for chocolates, wine, expensive varieties of cheese, cold cuts ... anything that feels rich. (Do not send basket of cold cuts to a vegan client! You will lose him and his customers.)


A gift hamper of your products could be a great idea to resort to, if you are looking out for a package that is a silent advertiser for your products. It is probable that your client, though loyal to your products, has not tried all of them.
If you have provided most of your products, it is likely that they may start to use a product they never used before. A 'two birds in one stone' scenario for you to implement!

Engraved Items

Personalized gifts such as coffee mugs, pens, or a mold of your logo, could be gifted as a memento. An engraved mug is a classy idea, where the mug could have the logo or tag line of your company engraved on it. Pens made by embossing the logo of company is an easy theme to accomplish.

Gifting Books

This is an idea you could employ for your selective clients. If you have your client's brief bio-data jotted down, indicating interests, hobbies, preoccupation, and occupation, the task of gifting a book of her/his choice is no longer a difficult task!
If your client is a foodie, gift a book on recipes. If your client loves horse riding, gift a book on horses and equine sports. Present a book on gardening if your client has inclinations towards gardening. This would be a test for the company to draw a conclusion about the choice of the client and give the impression of the gift being handpicked.


Sending flowers can be a great way to display your affection and show that you care. This may seem too simple a gift, but flowers have never failed in showing emotion, and will surely please your clients.


Providing memberships to your clients is a great idea. Golf passes or gym memberships are great holiday gifts for men who are thoroughly enchanted by a game on the greens, or hit the gym on a regular basis.


A bamboo or cactus plant is a present that would definitely bring a smile to your client's face. It also subliminally shows that you, as a corporation, are concerned for the environment.
Gifting plants would be an easy buy on the part of the company. Plants could serve as the perfect holiday gifts for employees, as well as an excellent interior decoration for your own offices.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers to a high-end coffee parlor or a posh restaurant are a heart-stealer. Gift vouchers for dinner for the client and his family, or gift certificates of a music store or a book store would be ideal. This is one of the most appreciated holiday gifts to show your ovation toward your employees and clients.

Homemade Gifts

Add a touch of personal panache by sending homemade holiday gifts for clients you have a close association with.
This can be quite hectic, so you may gift such intimate gifts to customers who have been using your company for years, and have a personal connection with it. Chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies, or butterscotch-burst biscuits decorated in ribbon-wrapped corporate gift baskets is an effective and safe bet.


Jewelry always delivers a feeling of opulence. However, you need to be tasteful with what you choose for your clients.  Cuff-links for men and bracelets for women would be an ideal choice. This would make your client hold your brand in high esteem.


The element of knowing your client a tad too well comes in here. If your client has been comfortable enough to share with you their preferred non-profit organization they regularly make donations to, then your task gets an easy way out.
If they themselves are a part of an organization, even better! Make a donation to the organization and let your client know about it. This gesture will show how much you value your relationship with the client.

Calendars and Cards

Calendars and cards are inexpensive gifts who only share an obscure bond with the company.
Make your clients feel special, and they will have a special regard for your company. After all, the clients don't serve you―it's the other way round! Isn't it?