Holiday Gifts for People Who have Everything

No idea what to give someone who seems to have everything? The following sections will list out some of the best ideas that you can draw inspiration from.
It's that time of the year again―the holiday season. And now the whole process of what to gift whom will start all over. Don't you hate it when you have nothing decided and everything that you want to gift starts looking really silly or not up to the mark? That's about the time you start convincing yourself that people have everything and whatever you want to gift them seems to be like it's done before. Wouldn't now be a good time to have an idea of some of the best holiday gifts to give people who seem to have everything? Yes it would. In keeping with that stream of thought then, here are some ideas for holiday gifts that you can look into. These will give you some useful tips and gift ideas that you can use and go about formulating the perfect gift.
Cook for a Day
I can't tell you the number of times when we've been at a party and my mom has commented about how there is no pleasure that equals the pampered feeling when she does not have to cook and can enjoy a home-cooked meal. So on one particular birthday of my mom, my sister and I made a list of all her favorite things, right from appetizers to desserts... and surprised her. We even called my grandmom and asked her to chip in on any of her favorite childhood dishes. The expression on her face when she saw the layout on the dinner table was worth every single chop, every single saute, every single fry... So this is personal experience speaking on this gift idea for women who have everything. And you don't have to go all out either. Just a dish or two that is associated with memories of her childhood will suffice as a perfect gift. Try this and see.
A Timeless Collection
What to give as gifts for guys who have everything? Again, cash in on memories and not something materialistic. It could be an extensive collection of all their favorite songs burned on several CD packs, or a collection of their all-time favorite films, the really old black and white kind, or it could be a classic novel that has long stopped production. These are just examples that I've given here. You can think about the person in question and decide your gift accordingly. Like a collage or a photo frame with their best photo ever.
Day Out With Friends
What to give as holiday gifts for friends who have everything? How about re-living old traditions that you have shared as friends? Plan a day and do all those things that you used to do when younger or together in school or college. Like going fishing to that favorite lake spot, playing a game of soccer on a slushy, muddy ground, having a beer chugging contest at your favorite pub, gathering all your friends and having a karaoke session... the choices are endless and very, very personal. So think of all those things that can become gift ideas for friends who have everything and go about planning a perfect day for them... and you.
There are some other ideas that you can use for deciding upon the perfect holiday gift to give that person who has everything. Like taking a trip together, arranging a meeting with their favorite celebrity/writer/sports person (I don't know how far this one's possible, but maybe you've never really thought in this direction) and some more like these.
And there you have it―some of the best holiday gifts for people who have everything. Now that you have a direction to think in, get down to it and plan a super, super gift for that friend/mother/boyfriend that you have in mind. I'm sure they'll love it.
Enjoying road trip
Headphones on stack of CD and a reel tape
Happy mother and daughters smiling