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Homemade Christmas Decorations

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 17, 2018
Homemade Christmas decorations are a great way of giving personal touches to your Christmas decorations. Here are some ideas for the same.
Christmas decorations are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Come Christmas, and you'll see stores stocked with beautiful Christmas decorations. The arrival of these decorations in shops announces the arrival of the festive season.
However, these decorations available in markets are more or less the same. Hence, if you wish to bring uniqueness to your Christmas decorations, you should probably go for homemade decorations.
Handmade Christmas decorations are exceptionally beautiful and are also commercially available, however they are a bit expensive than the machine made decorations. Thus, a great way to bring the intricate beauty of handmade decorations, is to make your own inexpensive Christmas decorations.

Ideas for Homemade Decorations for Christmas

Given ahead are some simple and easy to make Christmas decorations. Thus, even if you are a busy working professional, you can still manage to put the Christmas decorations on your own.

Christmas Ornaments

The traditional Christmas ornaments include gingerbread men, wreaths, bells and stars, colorful candy canes, Santas, glittery angels, reindeer, snowmen, etc. You can easily make these ornaments at home with the help of dough, food colors and paint.
With the help of a rolling pin, roll out the dough of thickness of about 1/4th of an inch. Using a cookie cutter, cut out the shapes of various ornaments. Leave these ornaments overnight so as to let them dry properly. Alternatively, you can also bake them in slow oven. Paint them in glittery colors, once the ornaments have dried completely.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths allow you a lot of scope for experimentation. There are number of ways to make Christmas wreaths. You can make the base of conifer leaves or green garlands and then add the decorations of your choice.
You can make traditional wreaths by adding nuts, berries and fruits or you can make them from assortment of spices or even red or green chillies! If you want your wreaths to last forever, you can consider making them from dried leaves and flowers and then painting them in gold or silver.

Christmas Cards

You sure must have received over hundreds of Christmas cards, over the years. Instead of stocking them in cupboards, you can get them out and put them to better use.
You can simply hang Christmas cards from the Christmas tree or you can make a collage of these cards. You may also choose to arrange the cards in a beautiful way and place them on the wall behind the fireplace.

Cheap Homemade Decorations

Paper makes for the most inexpensive material for making Christmas decorations. You can make almost every Christmas decoration from paper. You can make baubles from paper and hang them on the Christmas tree. You can even make a long garland of paper as a base for wreaths.
Moreover, you can also make tiny Christmas trees from papers and place them at strategic places around the house. Similarly, you can also cleverly use the decorations from the previous festival and give them a make over to appear new.
Additionally, you can also make Christmas decorations from the materials that are easily available at your home or garden. Flowers, beads and buttons can all be woven together in beautiful garlands.
You can also intelligently make use of the trims of the Christmas tree as a decorative item. These trims can be placed on balconies, fireplace mantle or banisters.
Homemade decorations will help you get truly involved in the festival. Add to that the immense joy of creating your own decorations and personalizing them.
However, if you are not much of an artsy person or you don't have much time at your disposal, you can always go for the decorations available in the market. After all, it's the celebration spirit that matters. Wish you a merry Christmas!