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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Wondering what to gift your dear and near ones for Christmas this year? There's a way out! Make your gifts at home. Homemade Christmas gifts are the flavor of the season. Here are some ideas.
Giving gifts each Christmas gets even more daunting with each passing year. It's so tough to choose gifts every single year, because you've almost given them all. How can you make this Christmas season special by not giving the same old boring gifts.
Keeping in the true spirit of the season, more people are designing homemade Christmas gifts, for their family and friends. Besides saving on Christmas money, homemade Christmas presents give the satisfaction of having crafted a presentable item yourself. Also, family and friends will be overwhelmed to see that you took the time to make something for them.
Nevertheless, there are some things to remember while giving away gifts. Be sure that the gift you are giving looks worth giving. By making the gift yourself, the idea should be that you really care for the person, and not that you are trying to scrimp money. So, whatever you make, buy the best materials available and take the time to make it the best.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some interesting homemade Christmas gift ideas. You can use these, but we strongly suggest you use these as a rough guideline to get your own creativity rolling. What comes from within you is what will come out the best.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are easy to make and look sumptuous. You do not have to do much, and there is very little that can go wrong. All you have to do is get a wicker basket (although other materials would also do), stock it with goodies and add some basic decorations.
However, what is most important is what you will put in the basket. Chocolates are always winners for gift baskets, or you could put in homemade baked stuff for the real personal touch. If your budget is a little higher, then you could also make great tea, coffee, cheese or even wine baskets.
You can even put assorted items which are of daily use and present it. The recipient of this gift is going to be one lucky guy!


You will have to give out this gift a little earlier than Christmas so that people can put them up with their other decorations. Take medium-sized cardboard boxes, and put all your craft skills to make it. Fet hold of crib statues at most church stores before Christmas.
Or you can simply gift an empty crib. Buying and placing statues in cribs is a very joyous thing to do; let the receiver of the gift do it. However, make it a point to come up with a real neat looking crib, using things around the house. Ask the kids in the house to contribute. They will enjoy it.

Fairytale Books Hamper

If there are kids to gift, then give them a hamper with about half a dozen books full of Christmas stories. Thin Christmas story books are stocked by all bookstores before Christmas, which contain one story each. Make sure you select the books that have a lot of pictures. Use a decent looking hamper. You can also throw in a Santa cap to add to the spirit.
Purchase the books during discount sale, which will help cut down the expenses. The joy on his or her face upon receiving the gift will be a sight to behold.

Cookie boxes

Everyone loves cookies throughout the year, but during Christmastime, cookies take on a festive meaning. Learn some cookie recipes and bake them at home.
Bake different types of cookies. Use flavors like butterscotch, chocolate and strawberry to bring on some variety. For packing, get those small-sized open baskets and place the cookies in them. Then wrap the basket with cellophane paper and tie a bow with a nice red ribbon. Do this for the different types of cookies.
You can also have tiny Christmas decorations stuck on the basket, which will accentuate the festive feel. Your boxes will look really cute when the decorations are done, and look cuter when the aroma of freshly baked homemade cookies wafts out of them.


Flipbooks also make great inexpensive Christmas presents, especially to family members or close friends. Look for old photographs, some even really old and random ones.
Peruse through Facebook profiles if necessary, but get hold of pictures and moments that have been long forgotten! This is sure to bring a tear to the recipient's eye. After all, who doesn't like remembering the good old days!
To make this flipbook, just visit zoomin.com which enables you to create your very own flipbook in no time! Wrap the flipbook well and present it on Christmas day!


No, we are not talking about painting something like Leonardo's Mona Lisa! It's just a simple glass painting. This may sound intimidating for those who have never tried their hand at glass painting, however, glass paintings are extremely simple.
All you need is a glass painting kit and a thin, glass sheet. Get a printout of whatever design you would like and trace it onto the glass using the liner. Fill in the colors and your painting is ready! Frame it and your gift is ready!
You can also purchase a set of six glasses or bowls or anything made of clear glass and paint lovely designs on it. Glass paints give a fabulous touch to whatever they are put on.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are extremely easy to prepare. Just purchase a few votive glasses and candles (preferably red) in bulk. Just place the regular candles in a saucepan and allow it to melt on low flame. Make sure the wax doesn't smoke.
Then, once the wax has melted, carefully take out the wick from the candle with a spoon. Leave the wicks to dry on a plate (in a straight line). Carefully pour the hot molten wax into the votive glasses. To give a Christmas touch, add beads to the base of the cup before pouring the wax in. Stop halfway after pouring the wax and add some more beads.
Then fill the cup till it's 3/4th full. Take a matchstick and entwine the tip of the wick to it. Let the other end fall into the votive glass, deep into the wax till the bottom.
Allow the matchstick to rest on the mouth of the votive candle till the wax sets and then cut off the excess wick using a scissor. Your votive candle is ready. You can also make snowflakes with silver glitter glue on the glass to give it a gorgeous look!
These were a few handmade Christmas gift ideas. Use your own creativity and bring about new ideas. For example, instead of cookie basket, if you make cupcakes, prepare a cupcake basket with lovely frosting. There are umpteen things you can do, however, it will all depend on your likes and creativity. Have fun!