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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 17, 2018
Celebrating Halloween without a costume is like celebrating Christmas without a tree. If you don't have the budget to spring for costumes from a store, don't worry, here are a few costumes that you can easily make at home.
Although you can purchase Halloween costumes from a store, making your own Halloween costume has its own merits. You can make your own creative Halloween costumes with things that are easily found in the house.
One of the advantages of making homemade Halloween costumes is that you can create a costume that is totally unique, and which nobody else has. Another advantage is that the costume will fit you well, and you can make it for a fraction of the price. However, to come up with some awesome ideas, you need to think out of the box.

For Women

One of the best homemade costume ideas for women is to dress up like lady Gaga. Making this costume is just about putting together some key pieces of apparel and accessories together and wearing them with an attitude. Some of the pieces can be found in your wardrobe, but for others you need to make a trip to the store.
First you need to purchase a leotard or bodysuit in either black or leopard print. A short leather jacket with metallic studs or a ripped faded denim jacket along with a bright paisley print top and short leather miniskirt will complete the look.
Wear a voluminous wig in a blonde color and attach a huge synthetic hair bow on one side. A pair of high platform shoes or shoes with a stacked heel is also necessary to complete the costume. Don't forget to wear big neon heart shape sunglasses.

For Kids

One of the best and creative Halloween costumes for kids is the starfish Halloween costume. To make this quick and easy costume, you will need a light red/orange hooded sweatshirt, light red/orange tights,1 square yard of orange felt, fabric glue, 1 yard yellow satin, 1 yard multicolored metallic fabric,1 yard gold metallic fabric, and black & white felt.
On a big sheet of paper draw a pattern of twelve equal-size gold fish arms. Place this pattern over the orange felt and cut out the shapes. Glue one piece to another, so you have two double thick fins. Glue the arms one each to the back of each shoulder of the sweatshirt and the rest to the back from the tights.
Cut the yellow satin and the multicolored metallic fabric into scallops. Cut the gold metallic fabric into small scallops too, and apply glue to back of the satin and metallic fabrics to stiffen them. Glue these scalloped shapes to the back of the tights over the legs.
Cut some extra scallop shapes with the metallic fabrics and glue them to the front of the sweat shirt. For the eyes, cut out two 2-inch circles of white felt and two 1-inch circles of black felt. Glue the black circles in the middle of the white circles, and glue them to an orange cap. This cap can be worn as headgear and will make the eyes of the starfish.

Group Costume Ideas

If you want good group costume ideas, then it is best to decide on a costume that can be a little varied, but also has some similar factor running through it. How about dressing up as different types of cupcakes. You and your friends can dress up as cupcakes with different types of decorations.
Making this costume is not very difficult if you have the right materials. You will need some stiff cardboard, flexible wires, brown construction felt, two hula hoops, stiff cotton batting, pink colored tulle, and colorful sequins.
For the bottom of the cup cake, hold the two hula hoops about a meter apart and use the flexible wires to keep it apart. Fold the stiff cotton batting over the hula hoops, and glue them together. Now glue in the brown construction felt over it so that it looks like bottom of the cupcake. Make a tubular shape with the pink tulle and sew into a spiral shape.
Glue in some multicolored sequins, so that it looks like sprinkles. To wear this cupcake, first wear the bottom of the cupcake over your waist and then wear the tulle portion which is the cupcake frosting over your upper body. You can make different types of fabrics and colors to show different types of frosting for the cupcakes.
These costumes are not very difficult to make and all you need are the materials in hand. So, this Halloween ditch store bought costumes, and instead make your own.