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Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas

Uttara Manohar Oct 19, 2018
Halloween is the only time of the year, when you can dress up crazily, light up candles all over your house, and ask for candies from strangers without looking insane. With the ideas given here, you'll find yourself with simple yet thrilling decorative pieces to put up on this spooky holiday.
Although the practice of carving beets and turnips was known earlier, the first traditional Jack-o'-lantern carving for Halloween was recorded in the United States of America.
Halloween décor need not always be expensive and bought from shops. There are numerous homemade decoration ideas that can not only save you some money, but also ensure that your Halloween is truly unique and spectacular. Here are some innovative ideas that will transform your home into a haunted mansion suitable for a bone-chilling Halloween. 

Light it Up

Illuminate your house with these easy-to-make candles.

You'll Need

♦ Cylindrical candles (preferably with a large diameter)
♦ Colored rice paper
♦ Marker or paint
♦ Scotch Tape/glue
Measure the diameter of the candles. Then paint the design or the theme of your choice on the rice paper. Carefully wrap the paper around the candle and seal it with a Scotch Tape.

Ghostly Reunion

Ghosts are an inevitable part of Halloween. One of the many ways to make your home a bit spooky is by making floating ghosts and placing them at proper places.

You'll Need
♦ Large white cloth of any material
♦ Cotton/Styrofoam
♦ Ribbons
♦ Marker
Stuff the white cloth with cotton or small pieces of Styrofoam such that it resembles a head. Tie a ribbon around the neck portion to fix the cotton. Now with the help of a marker, draw facial features to make a scary ghost. Make a hole on the top to tie the string base, and then hang it to give it a floating look.

Pumpkin Glow

Another way to light up your house is by using old glass containers.

You'll Need
♦ Round glass container
♦ Candle that fits in it
♦ Paint
Since orange and black are the colors that mark Halloween, paint the container orange to give it a pumpkin-like look. Set it to dry. Using a black paint, draw expressions of your choice. Place the candle in the container and light it. This can be used as a centerpiece or a living room décor.

Afraid of the Dark?

If you have a garden, placing ghosts or scarecrows there is a great way to give it a haunting look. While scarecrows will need a lot of hay and other accessories, a ghost is easier to make.

You'll Need
♦ Wooden sticks
♦ Large white cloth
♦ Mask made from papier mâché
♦ 2 white gloves
♦ Paint and marker
♦ Rope
Make a mask of papier mâché and let it dry overnight. Paint it to resemble a ghost. Next, tie two wooden sticks with a rope in the shape of a cross. Hang the mask at the top and cover it with a white cloth. For skeleton hands, stuff white gloves with paper or cotton. With a marker, draw an outline of bones over the gloves. Stitch the gloves to the cloth.

Enter At Your Own Risk

This is one of the easiest and cheapest thing that you can make at home.

You'll Need
♦ Wooden board
♦ Paint
Take a wooden board, paint a Halloween quote or a scary saying in white or red on it. Tie it with a string, and hang at a place which suits your Halloween theme. If not a wooden board, a cardboard can also be used.

On the Rocks

When it comes to table decorations, candies and a spooky dishware is a must. Also add to it these scary-looking things.

You'll Need
♦ Styrofoam glasses
♦ Paint
♦ Dry ice
♦ Water
Paint the glasses in shades of golden, brown, and black to give it a metallic look. Else, you can print an image, cut it accordingly, and paste on the glass. Once you have finished this, fill the glass with some amount of dry ice. To get the foggy effect, pour a little water over it.

No Child's Play

Make these scary dolls using old gloves. These can be used as table centerpieces, or even placed in your porch.

You'll Need
♦ Gloves
♦ Buttons
♦ Ribbons
♦ Twigs
Stuff the gloves with cotton to make hands and legs of doll. Sew the opening and tie a cotton head and a ribbon. Sew or stick buttons for eyes. Here, you can also use craft paper to create different expressions. Use twigs to make a little broom and tie a rubber band to hold it together. The witch hats pictured here are optional and can be made from paper.

Simply Scary

Paper or Styrofoam cutouts are perfect to make wall decorations. To replicate the one given in the adjacent picture, do this.

You'll Need

♦ Styrofoam sheets
♦ String/florist wires
♦ Paint
Draw and carefully cut out the letters from the Styrofoam sheet. Color them orange and connect them with a wire so that you can tie them on the wall. You can add cobwebs or small broomsticks to complete the spooky effect.


Another way of making your celebrations a bit scary is by decorating your windows and doors.

You'll Need
♦ Drawing paper
♦ Paint
♦ Scotch Tape/glue
Paint pictures of scary and angry ghosts on a drawing paper. The color of the paper can be of your choice. Stick the cutouts on your window, facing outside, to give a passerby an eerie feeling. The same can be done on your front door. Experiment with different ideas and images.

A Toast to the Ghost

You don't always need spiders or bats to give gooseflesh. Something a simple glass and a candle can do the trick to create a phantasmal illusion.

You'll Need

♦ Wine glasses
♦ Candles
Light small candles, preferable with a candle stand having an antique look to it. Give the glasses a dusty look. Instead of wine, you can make do with colored water to add a spooky feel to it. Put a chest or a jewelry box next to it.
Add cobwebs to the decor with the help of Kobweb spray or use strings to make fake cobwebs, for the finishing touch. Voila! You have one thing to scratch off the decoration list!
You can always add a personal touch to all the ideas mentioned here or modify them according to your creativity. Let's celebrate this Halloween in a spooky style. Happy Halloween!