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Homemade Halloween Decorations

Megha Tiwari Oct 19, 2018
Celebrate the spooky festival this year with amazing homemade Halloween decorations. Here are some scary decorating ideas for you.
Celebrating Halloween without decorations is incomplete. This is the most awaited festival throughout the year, just like Christmas, and is celebrated with great fun and excitement. Wearing scary costumes and decorating the house in the eeriest way possible just adds to the fun.
There are many ways to decorate the interior as well as exterior of your house during Halloween. Here are some scary homemade decorations to have a haunted holiday. This has been broken up into two sections, namely indoor and outdoor decorations. Take your pick and have a blast this Halloween.

Indoor Decoration

Bat Silhouettes

If you have decided to wear a bat Halloween costume, then why not decorate the house in the same way!
As we know that shadows and darkness are symbolic of this festival, black paper bat silhouettes are the best decorations to haunt the house with lurching shadows and calamitous black bats.
Draw bats of different sizes on the black chart paper to create an illusion that some are far away and some are near. Draw some bats in a flying position to stick them all around and few in the hanging position to stick on windows and doors.

Creepy Candle Shadows

The bright day ends, followed by the dark and miserable night, and candles with crazy silhouettes popping out would be perfect to spook up your house even more. These creepy decorations cast dramatic shadows all around the room.
Draw a few silhouettes on a black construction paper and cut them with a utility knife. Stick them to one end of the wire and make a loop at the other so that they fit around the bottom of the candle holder. Bend the wire and position the image such that it is above the candle and away from the flame. Adjust the cutout to bring variations in shadow sizes.

Pumpkin Vase

Some simple Halloween crafts can add beauty and joy to the celebration. A pumpkin vase is simple to make. Take a pumpkin and cut it from the top, and take out all its pulp.
Put a cylindrical container inside it, pour water into the container, and arrange thorny flowers in it. You can also paint outside the pumpkin with different weird images.

Outdoor Decoration

Frightening Scarecrow

If you want to cast a spell over your neighbors, then making pumpkin-head scarecrows would be a great idea. You can make a complete family of scarecrows.
Take two thick sticks, eight and six feet each, and make a cross with them. If you are making a boy, make him wear a shirt on the horizontal stick and tuck the shirt in the pant that is on the vertical stick. Stuff hay in it and sew the shirt and pant with thread and needle.
Place a face carved out of a pumpkin on the top. Make this sculpture stand at the center of your garden.

Glowing Ghosts

You don't even need to collect many things for this. What you require is glow sticks, balloons, white cloth, and a black marker. Turn on the glow stick and insert it in the balloon. Then, blow the balloon and tie it properly. Cover it with a piece of white cloth and make a face with the marker. Hang the little ghosts on the trees outside your house.

Demon Footprints

Draw large footprints with sharp nails on a thick chart paper and cut them out. Start sticking them on the ground right from the beginning of the front yard till the entrance of the house.
These were just a few homemade Halloween decorations and crafts that you can implement and celebrate this festival. You can even follow a theme, like graveyard, pumpkins, spiders, etc., to decorate your house.