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Fabulous Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

Maya Pillai Sep 29, 2018
Holidays are occasions that call for get-togethers and celebrations. A homemade personalized gift is a very good option and the recipient would be enthralled by it. Here are a few homemade holiday gift ideas.
A gift brings a smile on anyone's face. The size never matters, because a gift is a gift. When one is handmade by you, it would be cherished close to the receiver's heart. You would be praised for the efforts you made. Today many of us hardly have any time to make such gifts.
We purchase the presents from different stores and end up spending too much. You cannot compromise on the quality when you are purchasing something for your dear ones. This holiday season, why don't you take some time off to make a few gifts? Believe me, the ones who receive them would treasure them and love you for the time and effort you have put in.

Recipe Book

You could present this personalized gift to your dear ones who enjoy cooking. It could be a friend, relative, or your sibling.
For instance, if the recipient is good in baking, you could present her with a personalized recipe book. This idea should be started at least a couple of months before the season.
You could begin by collecting recipes from old magazines or purchase a pre-owned book on recipes. Write them out neatly on a spiral notebook or white sheets with spiral binding. Also include illustrations if you have an artistic flair. The recipient would be thrilled to see it.

Hand-painted Ceramic Tea Mugs

Another idea is to purchase a set of plain white ceramic mugs. Also get a set of brightly colored ceramic paint. This craft could be done by people with artistic flair and also the ones who cannot draw.
You could use a stencil or a stamp to print designs on the ceramic tea mugs. Once they are dry, pack them in a cardboard box and wrap them with a holiday theme wrapper. Finally, tie the packages with a satin ribbon.

Chocolate Hamper

This would make a wonderful holiday gift for kids and also adults who love chocolates.
You can begin by collecting and storing a few chocolates each time you go to a departmental store. So, when it is time to send your gift, you could place them in a glossy paper bag or a hand sewn cloth bag. Tie the mouth with a holiday theme satin ribbon and the gift would be ready.

Signature Towels

If you are good with a needle and thread, try out this idea. Purchase a set of pure white hand towels. You also need to have a design in mind for sewing the initials of the recipient.
You could decorate the four edges with appropriate laces or satin ribbons. This would make an amazing gift for your mom, aunt, or grandmother.
There are various kinds of homemade holiday gift ideas. One of the popular ones is presenting a decorated coffee jar filled with cookies. You can either make them at home or purchase homemade cookies. Homemade bathing salts and honey bath oils would also make wonderful gifts.