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Ideas for Homemade Valentine Cards

Rutuja Jathar Feb 1, 2019
Homemade Valentine cards are the best personalized gifts you can give your beloved this season of love. Read on to discover some great homemade Valentine card ideas.
Red roses, heart-shaped gift boxes, candies, pink feathered and red laced greeting cards that are printed with winged cherubs all equal to 14th February. Of course we're talking about Valentine's Day!
One of the most romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas would be to make homemade Valentine cards, that would not only allow you to personalize them, but also avoid being clichéd by giving a mere commercialized gift from the shops, to your beloved.

Creative Ideas for Card Making

If you visit any gift shop in this season, all you will come across are red hearts and greeting cards in crimson with cute little hearts and engraved love messages on them. However, you can always use these romantic motifs to make your own Valentine cards.
There are a lot of ideas for easy homemade Valentine's greeting cards that you can try making for your loved ones and family members. All you need to do is to be really very creative! As a first step, decide what you can draw on the card that you wish to make. You can zero down on pictures of things that have relevance in your love story.
For instance, you can draw a coffee mug if the two of you first met at a cafe or may be a library scene where the two of you often go. Believe me these make for very cute homemade Valentine cards. Also, decide which love message you intend to paste on your handmade Valentine's day card.
Would it be a love quote by a famous author or the things that you adore the most, about your loved one. The latter definitely more creative and intimate. So, let's see a few examples of how to make Valentine cards with these easy to incorporate homemade Valentine card ideas.

Tie-the-knot Card

♥ Red card paper that measures 5 ½" x 8 1/2" on folding
♥ Plain white card paper
♥ Snowflake design rubber stamps
♥ Red colored netted ribbon
♥ Pair of scissors
♥ Craft glue
Fold the red card paper exactly in the middle. Take the white card paper and cut out two different sized heart shapes off it. Now, creatively stick those snowflake rubber stamps on both the white cut outs. Now glue those white hearts on the upper side of the folded red card paper.

Stick the smaller heart first and then the larger one, so that the card won't look asymmetrica. Now, cut approximately 6" pieces of the red ribbon and tie it in a knot. Stick this knot at the center of each heart. Inside the card, write down the message for your loved one with preferably silver-colored glitter pen and in the best of your handwriting.

Specially for Him Card

♥ Pink card paper 5 ½" x 8 1/2" in size
♥ White card paper
♥ X-Acto knife
♥ Pair of scissors
♥ Scratch off lottery ticket
♥ Craft glue
Look for a lottery ticket having "lucky" word written on it. Take the pink card paper and make four slits, at its base, in which the lottery ticket can be easily inserted.
At the top of the card paper, stick a small white paper cut with spiral sides and write a sweet phrase on it like "Lucky to have you", "Hugs and Kisses", etc. Instead of the white paper you can also search for tiny metal plates that come with engraved love messages!

Cupid Heart Card

♥ Heart shaped cookie cutter mold, 4" to 5"
♥ Drinking straw, 1
♥ Glittery pink craft foam
♥ Pair of scissors
♥ X-Acto knife
♥ Fluffy pink feathers, 2
♥ Craft glue
Trace out 2 heart shapes on the pink craft foam by using cookie cutter molds. In the front side of one of the hearts, place the straw in an angled position, just the same that we commonly see everywhere, a heart with an arrow pierced in it! With the help of a pencil, mark the spot of the entry of the arrow as well as the exit.
Now make slits on the marked points and insert the straw in it. Now, create a 1" cut on the left end of the straw and insert in it a 2" triangular cut of the same craft foam. By repeating the procedure with the right end of the arrow, insert the pink feathers in it. Secure all the cuts, using white craft glue.
Take the other heart-shaped craft foam (the one that is without the arrow) and make a line of the white craft foam across its humps and place the arrowed-heart carefully over it. Let it dry overnight and later write your love message inside the hearts!
Use of Valentine colors (pink, red and white), ribbons, hearts, satin, flowers and all that can be related to love and romance, can be used creatively to make beautiful personalised cards at home. You can definitely borrow the ideas, but to give it your personal touch, you must do something different to it.
Now about the contents. Well, you can make a very beautiful card and completely spoil it by not writing anything impressive. You can buy an extremely beautiful card from the market as well, right?
Therefore, the best part about the card must be the written part. Make it as personal as you can. As someone said to me once, "intent is more important than the content". So, concentrate on what you have to, and need to say to the love of your life and see how his/her face lights up while reading it.
It is true that just one day is not enough to express and show love, everyday is meant for sharing this beautiful emotion. But, we can say that it is the best and perhaps the most special day to make known your special feelings, and show it with fanfare.
Do not restrict yourself, come up with anything and everything that truly shows how much you care. Trust me, it is the best way to say, "I love you" to that special one in your life. Wishing you a very happy 'Teddy Day' today, and an eventful Valentine's Day ahead.