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How to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Mukulika Mukherjee Oct 19, 2018
When we think of Halloween, children dressed in scary costumes, playing "trick-or-treat" comes to mind. But Halloween is not necessarily a festival only for kids, you too can enjoy this exciting day even at your workplace. Here are some ideas to celebrate Halloween at work.
Besides presenting an opportunity to promote teamwork and improve morale, Halloween can add some old-fashioned fun to a boring workday. It tends to bring out the kid in each one of us, and interesting games played on this occasion can offer you and your co-workers, a break from the daily work schedule.
A point to remember while planning a Halloween party at the workplace, is to consider what is comfortable for your coworkers or employees, so as not to harm or disrespect their sensibilities and they do not feel compelled to participate in your festivities.

Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at the Workplace

To have fun on Halloween, all you need to do is think of some innovative ideas to involve everybody in your office. Here you shall find some interesting ways to celebrate this unique fĂȘte with your colleagues.

Bring in a Spooky Feel

This is important! Decorate the office with the theme of the day. It is the best way to lend a "feel" of Halloween to your office. You can be as creative as you want to, and use different Halloween themes for different areas within the office.
For example, you can give the look of an old castle to one floor, and choose another floor to like a haunted house! You can illuminate an area of the office with dim lights and use a fog machine to create artificial fog, thereby bringing about a dark, spooky feel.
Keeping up with the spirit of Halloween, you and your colleagues can decorate each desk, and then ask the management to declare the winner, who then gets a prize. However, if the rules at your workplace forbid you to go all the way, then you can always keep it simple. Just stick a small monster on your monitor, or keep a box of creepy candies at your desk!

Plan a Visit to Spooky Places

Well, alright, this technically doesn't qualify to be an idea that can be carried out at the workplace, but what the heck, planning to visit spooky places along with like-minded colleagues can be real fun.
Every city has its own share of scary places and visiting them on Halloween can be great fun! Some of these places even arrange for light-and-sound shows to take the eerie effect, a step (or many steps!) further.

Dress Up Like Zombies

Most of you would agree that costumes are the essence of celebrating Halloween. So, why not have a costume party at the workplace?
However, this doesn't mean that you go against your company policy and end up at your workplace dressed as a zombie, even if your employer doesn't allow you to! Just keep things simple and ask everyone to come dressed in costumes for the party and change to regular office attire before getting back to work.
Announce prizes for the best costume, and also for few other categories, such as the scariest costume, most innovative costume, funniest costume, etc. Just make sure the costumes are appropriate because you need to be able to work in them. The golden rule being everything in moderation.

Arrange for Fun Games and Contests

Organizing a pumpkin-carving contest can be a great idea on Halloween. You can even invite the kids and families of co-worker or employees to be a part of the event.
Just give each employee a pumpkin and a knife, and let them use their creative skills to transform an ordinary pumpkin into a work of art. You and your colleagues can also use paint to decorate the carved pumpkins.
Another fun idea can be to write a story by circulating a piece of paper through the office and asking colleagues or employees to spare a few moments from work and move the story forward. At the end of the day the complete story can be read aloud to much fun and amusement.

Plan a Scary Treats Potluck

When it comes to food, a potluck can be a great idea to enjoy a variety of foods. If you plan for a potluck, then make sure that you inform everybody well in advance, so that they can plan things out.
Make it a point to try your hand at different recipes for Halloween or better still, make some scary Halloween treats for everyone.
Before, you come up with innovative ideas of your own and celebrate this occasion in your own unique way. Remember, your celebration is at the workplace, so, ensure that afterwards you clean up the place well, and hope that next year you'll be granted the same permissions and concessions as you were this year.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make plans for a grand Halloween celebration at your workplace!