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How to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving

Uttara Manohar Oct 19, 2018
No Halloween party can be truly complete without a well-carved and decorated scary pumpkin. Although carving the pumpkin is a common trend, there are other ways to decorate it.
Halloween is a great time to put on a display of decorative pumpkins that are sure to have others admiring your work. However, for those who don't want to carve their pumpkins, there's a great way of decorating them otherwise.
Learn how to decorate a pumpkin without carving it, before you're ready to show others what it looks like.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Well, for this decoration idea, you need to have stripes of fabrics of your choice, and some soft-board pins. Cut out wedges of fabric, and pin it on to the pumpkin, by means of the pin.
For the eyes, you can cut out small circular pieces of a black fabric, and pin it. In case you don't want to pin the fabrics, you can simply superglue it to the pumpkin. Place a hat on top of the pumpkin, and a few straws of dry grass for hair.

Veggie and Fruit

This is a very simple idea that makes use of some fruits and veggies. You need some pins or toothpicks for this one. For the eyes, just spear black olives onto the stick, and press the stick in the pumpkin, to create scary, bulgy eyes.
In case you want to have bloodshot eyes, you can use baby tomatoes for the eyes too. A carrot can be great for a crooked nose. And as for the toothy smile, you can just draw an outline with a marker and use diced radish, or even corn kernels to make the teeth.


This is a great idea for decorating a pumpkin without carving. Get a set of glow-in-the-dark colors, and spray your pumpkin with the colors of your choice.
To make the eyes, nose, and the toothy smile, you can either use the paint, or you can simply get some glow-in-the-dark stickers to make the eyes, nose, and teeth! This Halloween decoration idea looks great, and is easy to create for children.

Pirate Themed

All you need to do is get some pirate accessories, and a black marker pen.
Get a marker pen with a slightly thick tip, so when you draw onto the pumpkin, the lines and markings are clearly visible. Draw the eyes, nose, and a toothy smile with the black marker. Now strap on the eye-patch to your pumpkin. Place a pirate hat on top. And surround it with some treasure chests and maps. Voila! There's your pirate ready for Halloween!

Warty Pumpkin

Well, for people who would like their Halloween pumpkin to be really scary with repelling warts, this is the idea for you! You need rubber balls of various colors and pins or toothpicks to spear them.
First do the eyes with rubber balls of your choice - black, red, or green can make the eyes stand out prominently. Now create a nose and a toothy smile. Once you are done with these basic features, cover the entire pumpkin in rubber balls of a contrasting color like yellow, gray, or any other color, which will allow other features to stand out!
So, that's how you can be a little different than the crowd this Halloween. Be it the pirate pumpkin or the warty pumpkin, just make you have a lot of fun, and ... a lot of candy!