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Know How to Dress Up as a Santa

Manali Oak Dec 17, 2018
So you wanted to know how to dress up as Santa Claus, didn't you? Read on then, for here we tell you how. Dress like he does, be like him. Be the wonderful soul that he is.
There are some people who remind us of Santa. That pink chubby face, a physique that can be described as plump, and most of all, a smile that resembles Santa's.
If you have a friend who looks so much like Santa and if he is made to look a little older than his age, and if he wears a Santa Claus costume, he will be the perfect Santa at any Christmas party.

Tips on Dressing up as Santa Claus

The Attire

A red cap, a chubby face, a fair complexion, a long white beard, eye glasses, a long red and white suit, red pants, white gloves, black boots, a belt around a bowl-full-of-jelly-like belly, a big bag of goodies resting on one shoulder and a promising smile on the face; that's what describes a Santa Claus costume.
No Santa costume is complete without the Santa look - with eyes that shower love on everyone they look at, and a smile that gives strength and hope to every sad soul; hands that reach out to 'give' and a heart that reaches out to 'feel'.
Anyone thinking of dressing up as Santa should understand who Santa really is. Is Santa real? Stop thinking, start believing. He is not an old man dressed in red and white, he is not a stout man who brings gifts for children. Ask a kid and you would know who he is. Santa Claus has a special place in every child's heart.
He is the one who can make us believe in fairy tales and happy endings. He is someone full of hope and happiness, he is full of positivity and that's exactly what he personifies. Santa Claus is optimism personified. Santa Claus! He's someone who is awaited every Christmas.

How to Dress Up as Santa

Wear red pants and team them with a classic red jacket with furry white borders on the sleeves. Before wearing the jacket, you might need to add padding on your belly to make it wobbly like that of Santa.
If you are on the thinner side, you can opt to pad your hands as well to get his plump look. Wear black boots and tuck in the borders of your pants in them. Ensure that the pants look baggy, but not so loose that they make your legs look like two sticks hung from the waist. Now wear a belt around your wobbly belly.
Remember, the costume needs to look realistic. So wear a plain black belt and not a fancy one. Wear white-colored hand gloves. Here again, don't forget 'realistic'. Remove your wrist watch and any other hand accessories that you may have worn.
Santa Claus with a branded watch or a funky bracelet will look hilarious. And not just that, it will be unrealistic to accessorize yourself with things Santa doesn't even know about!
For the face, the most important element of any makeup, and so in case of Santa Claus, as it's his face that makes him look the way he does. A face flushing red, chubby cheeks, a white beard, glasses on the eyes trying to hide that little bit of mischief, and a wide smile on his lips. That's who he is.
Start with pink blush for the cheeks and nose. Wear makeup that makes you look a tone or two fairer, and that if you aren't originally fair. Now wear a long white beard that is almost coming in level of your belt. It should be that long. Add a white mustache and white eyebrows to go with the beard.
Remember to consider every minute detail of the Santa Claus look when dressing like him. To top it all, wear a hat, a red one with a furry white border. Let the pom pom hang freely. See how cutely it moves each time you move your head.
Now wear half-moon glasses and see if you can smile through your eyes, that will bring a twinkle in them. Now that's not something you can learn but great if you naturally smile that way. There's this little naughty child in him that peeps through his eyes and through his smile, a smile that is pure, promising good.
And how can you forget the goody bag? Pack it with Christmas gifts and tuck it onto your shoulders. Opt for a bright red cloth bag, it camouflages with the red suit and makes the 'Santa look' all the more realistic. Do not carry a fancy colorful bag.
It should look what it is, a bag of goodies that Santa carries, and not a fashionable accessory. Now Christmas goodies are for you to choose. Make sure you take loads of them. Being Santa Claus is about being generous too!
The last and most important thing is wearing the Santa attitude. Now don't look puzzled. Wearing the Santa attitude is about understanding who he is and getting into the Santa's role with heart and soul. Dressing up as Santa is being him and being him is not as easy as it sounds. Spitting the "ho ho" laughter out is not going to serve the purpose.
Even if you decide to learn the way Santa smiles, the way he laughs, the way he talks (does he?) and the way he walks, you will be able to be like him only when you understand Santa. When he smiles, he looks pure; when he laughs, he laughs his heart out. His mere presence brings positive vibes in the air, his just being there spreads cheer.
And if you plan to spread that cheer this Christmas by dressing up as Santa, don't just look like him, be him. It's wonderful to get to be him and represent all that he stands for - the joy of giving and the spirit of living!