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How to Make a Christmas Bow

Sheetal Mandora Jan 9, 2019
As soon as December rolls around, we start buying and wrapping presents, and decorate for the season. Christmas bows are essential part of gift wrapping. Instead of putting a store-bought bow, learn to make a bow. Read on.
"Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. I always tried to make my home like my mother's, because Mom was magnificent at stretching a buck when it came to decorating and food. Like a true Italian, she valued beautification in every area of her life, and I try to do the same."
Rachael Ray 
Decorating your home during Christmas is a wonderful and fun activity for the entire family. Everywhere you see, there are colorful festoons, fairy lights, snowflake cutouts, bows, and ribbons used to create a festive atmosphere.
So, we thought to give you some ideas of making delightful Christmas bows with ribbons. You can select any type of ribbons―color, design, width, length―and make pretty bows in no time.

Bow with a Ribbon

Here's an inexpensive bow you can make to tie on the presents. For the ribbon, you can use shiny or metallic gold- or silver-colored ribbons; trust me, they make a wonderful accessory to any present. Here are the steps you need to follow.
♦ Collect the material―gold or silver ribbon, scissors, and wire to tie the bow.
♦ Take the ribbon (size depends on how big you want the bow to be) in your left hand and leave few inches of tail in the bottom.
♦ Make a loop (sort of a teardrop) with the ribbon and hold it with your left thumb.
♦ Keep making loops and hold the bottom of the teardrops underneath your thumb.
♦ As you make the loops, slightly increase their sizes. You need to make a big, full bow.
♦ At the end of the ribbon, leave the same length for the tail as before.
♦ Use the wire to tie the bow properly. Make sure the wire is thin.
♦ All left to do now is fan the teardrops around to make it look like a flower.
♦ Cut the tails in an angle and attach the bow on presents or tree.
If you wish to try something new, here's a variation you can try.
♦ Make 2 floral bow with different colored ribbons, one smaller than the other.
♦ Layer the smaller bow on the bigger one, tie with the wire, fan out the teardrops, and attach it to the presents, wreath, or tree.
♦ You can use this layered bow as a Christmas window decoration as well.

Bow for a Wreath

It's not necessary to attach a Christmas bow only on presents. You can use them for decorating wreaths as well. For your wreaths, here's a beautiful bow that you can make.
♦ Collect the materials―velvet or satin ribbon, scissors, wire, and glue.
♦ Hold your left hand in front and wrap the long ribbon around your fingers.
♦ If you want a big ribbon, spread your fingers apart.
Once you wrap the ribbon, remove from your hand and fold it in half.
♦ With the scissors, you will make a "V" cut where the ribbon is folded in half.
♦ Don't cut too much or cut the ribbon in half. We need the middle part.
♦ Use a wire to secure the ribbon at the cut. Make sure it's a thin wire.
♦ Start separating the loops on the ribbon. Fan them out in all directions.
♦ Now twist the loops to face forward and pull slightly towards the middle.
♦ Trim the tail in the bottom at an angle and secure the bow on the Christmas wreath.