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How to Make Christmas Ornaments

Tulika Nair Dec 17, 2018
Do you want to learn to make Christmas ornaments? Here, we give you some easy and simple methods to make Christmas ornaments.
"The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!" - Charles N. Barnard
True, but if there is one way of making an already perfect Christmas tree better, it is to decorate it with Christmas ornaments that you have made yourself. There is nothing that can give a parent more pleasure than the first ornament that their child made for the family tree.
It will always have the place of prominence and will be displayed with pride. So do you want to teach your kids the process of making Christmas decorations? If yes, then here are four simple methods that will help you.

Making Christmas Ornaments with Kids

Making Christmas ornaments is not as difficult as it seems and it is extremely simple and easy-to-make ornaments as long as you have an idea about what kind of decorations you want to make.
Making ornaments is also the perfect way to keep the kids entertained during the holiday season and it can also be a great way of getting them to make small gifts for friends and family. Here, we give you instructions for four different types of ornaments.

Angel Garland

A Christmas tree draped by a garland of angels made of lace can be quite stunning, especially when it so simple to make. In order to make the ornaments to resemble a garland of angels you will need white lace, cotton balls, white and yellow wool, and white satin ribbon.
Follow the easy steps given here to make the angel garland.
  • To make the angels, all you need is to take a square piece of the lace fabric. Let it measure approximately 11 inches by 11 inches. Now place a cotton ball at the center of this fabric, gather it together and tie it with white wool. This will create the head of the angel and the gown.
  • Next take a piece of the yellow string and fasten it around the gown that you have created for the angel. This should create a belt.
  • Now create a loop with another piece of the yellow wool to create halo and stick it to the angel's head's back.
  • Using the same method, create as many angels as you want and then string them together using the white satin ribbon.
There you have it, your angel garland that you can now use as Christmas ornaments.

Bead Ornaments

Other than the angel garland, there are many other ornaments that you can opt to make, if you are looking for simpler methods.
This can be a very easy Christmas project for kids and all you need are some pipe cleaners, and some beads of your choice that you can thread into the pipe cleaners with relative ease.
  • In order to start making the Christmas ornament, you will first need to bend the pipe cleaner at a right angle and then get your kid to bead it in any way that he or she likes. It is important that you leave a margin of half an inch at the edge.
  • Once the beads are threaded in, you can create any shape that you want with the beaded pipe cleaners. If you want, you can create a long strand of pipe cleaners by attaching one end of one pipe cleaner to the end of the other pipe cleaner.
It is very easy to make handmade Christmas ornaments using pipe cleaners. Just let your kid's imagination run wild and let him or her create any design of Christmas decorations that he or she wants to.

Snowman Ornament

A snowman is synonymous with winters and especially Christmas, so learning to make ornaments that feature a snowman can be great fun. So what do you need to make this Christmas ornament.
You will need a white paper, a pencil to etch the design out, tape, black felt pen, orange felt pen, black craft paper, red paper, green paper, gum, hole puncher, and string.
  • First and foremost, you will need to create a spiral pattern on the white card paper and then cut along the lines of the spiral pattern.
  • Now at the center of the spiral pattern, use the black felt pen to create the eyes, mouth, and nose of the snowman. Use the orange felt pen to color the nose.
  • Use the black craft paper to create a hat and cut it out. Make two hat patterns. Then stick it at the back and front of the head of the snowman.
  • Use the green craft paper to create holly leaves and the red paper to create a berry. Stick these to the hat.
  • Now use a puncher to create a hole and thread the string through the hole and hang it to the Christmas tree.
Snowmen are integral parts of the Christmas season and making these ornaments can be the crowning glory for your Christmas tree.

Pine Tree Ornament

What is more synonymous with Christmas than pine trees. These can make for great ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just follow the simple instructions given here in order to make this ornament.
  • First, you will need to take two pieces of green card paper and sandwich a yellow and red paper inside it. Now cut this sandwiched paper stack in the shape of a pine tree.
  • Remove the red sheet from the stack and punch the other three sheets with holes in a random manner. Put the red sheet back, remove the yellow one and make some more holes. Once you are done with this, stack the papers together.
  • Now take a card paper that is brown in color and use it to make a tree trunk. Glue this tree trunk between the red and yellow layers, with a part of it sticking out.
  • Next you will need to glue the green sheets of paper to the red and yellow sheets of paper to create a tree that does not have any loose ends.
  • Use a pushpin to stick it or you can choose to create a hole at the top of the tree and string a ribbon through it to hang it on the tree.
This is one of the easiest Christmas ornament crafts to make. You can also learn to make Christmas ornaments from dough and clay but this can be slightly messier. Once your kids have made the ornaments, hang them with pride on your Christmas tree and show it off.