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Mini-tutorials on How to Make Divinely Festive Christmas Wreaths

How to Make Christmas Wreaths
Making Christmas wreaths at home is an exciting task. With unique ideas and wide range of decor pieces available in the market, you can definitely create a great looking piece for heightening the beauty of house. Go through these ideas and have handmade wreaths, this Christmas!
CelebrationJoy Staff
Creative Christmas wreaths are among the most primary elements of Christmas decorations. Beautiful wreaths are used to beautify the outdoor space as well as the indoor area. They instantly beautify the doors or pillars on which they are placed.
Advent Wreath With Christmas Decoration
While decorative wreaths are readily available in the market, most people choose to make this decor item at home. If you are one of those enthusiasts, looking for great ideas on making wreaths, then just scroll down and have a look. Find images and ideas on making classic wreaths which can be used to adorn various sections of your house.
Ideas for Making and Decorating Christmas Wreaths
Green Wreath
Christmas Wreath
You will need pins, glue, wire wreath, faux pine or evergreen garland, red metallic ribbon, festive fabric, and pompoms in red and silver color. Here are the instructions for making a decorative wreath. Wrap the evergreen garland around a wire wreath properly. Secure the ends by gluing them. Add all the embellishments over the garland. Make sure that you glue each piece properly. Use metallic ribbon to form a nice bow with free long ends. Secure the bow using a red thread and tie it at the bottom center of the garland. You can add smaller strips of red metallic ribbon to beautify it. Using the same ribbon tie loop around the wreath at the top and your evergreen wreath is ready.
Green Wreath
Green Wreath
Red Wreath
Candy Wreath
The things you will need are, wire hanger, fancy ribbons, wire cutter, wrapped candies and scissors. It is best to opt for same candies, especially of red and white wrapping. Take a wire hanger and straighten it. Cut a piece out of it, which is 15 inches in length. Bend this wire to form a circle and lock the two ends by overlapping and twisting. Cut the wire according to the size requirements. The wreath base is ready. Take pieces of green and red ribbons. Tie a few candies to each piece of ribbon. Now tie these ribbons on the wreath base. You can wrap the remaining ribbon to the wreath base or leave it free. You must add enough candies to give it a perfect candy wreath look. If you leave the ends free it will look more beautiful. You can just curl the ends using scissors, to enhance the look. Cover the entire base with candies and ribbons. Take a green ribbon and tie it in a loop at its top-center for hanging the piece in a nail. You can also attach a big red ribbon to wreath and tie a bow.
Silver Wreath
Green with blue Wreath
If you are wondering how to make a Christmas wreath that is unique and looks attractive on your door, then here's the procedure. Red is a popular Christmas color, but a silver wreath will definitely look great and it will also blend well with other decorations. Things you will need are, silver metallic spray, wire cutter, glue sticks, hot glue gun, scissors, floral U pins, floral wire, blue metallic wire, white feather boa (7 yards), white foam wreath (14 inches), evergreen sprigs, 15 pine cones and Ivy leaves, silver metallic ribbon, Christmas balls in silver color and chenille stem. Here are the instructions. Start covering the foam wreath with feather boa, use U pins to attach the boa. Cover the pine cones with silver metallic spray and let them dry. Now use hot glue and secure them all over to the wreath. Make small pieces of evergreen sprigs, about 5 inches each using the wire cutter. Now attach them to the upper part of wreath using U pins. Form an arc at the top of these sprigs. Make a bow from silver metallic ribbon, secure it properly using floral wire and attach it to the wreath using hot glue. Glue ivy leaves around the upper half of the wreath. You can fix a vine of artificial leaves, which are covered with silver glitter spray on the foam wreath.
Illuminated Wreath
Christmas Wreath
Making an illuminated wreath is very easy. Moreover, this doesn't need much decoration. You need to take a fresh wreath of leaves. Make sure that you do not grab the wreaths made of artificial leaves, flowers or anything plastic. You will need one or two multi-colored light strings. Start wrapping them around the wreath. Be careful while doing so. Now you will need a switch to put the lighting 'on' and illuminate the wreath. Consider the placement of wreath. Great if there is a switch nearby, or just opt for an extension board which can be used to connect both the light strings to the switch board.
Well, with these ideas, you can definitely spice up the Christmas decorations. Explore your creativity and get set to jazz up your house with these beautiful and unique wreaths.
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath On The Entrance Door
Christmas Wreath On The Entrance Door
Natural leaf wreath with vignette for the seasonal holidays on
Christmas Wreath With Baubles
Christmas Wreath On Wooden Background
Christmas Wreath With Baubles
Christmas And Advent Wreath
Decorative Christmas Wreath
Advent Christmas Wreath
Christmas Winter Decoration Wreath
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath On White Background
Christmas Decorative Wreath