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How to Make a Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Sheetal Mandora Dec 19, 2018
An inexpensive fall craft, dried hydrangea wreath looks absolutely amazing, and is easy to make. Read ahead to know the step-by-step guide to make one at home.
Wreaths are a staple decoration item during the holidays. But massive store-bought kinds can really punch a hole in your budget, if you're not too careful.
Making one at home can surely be an easier, and fun way to get the celebration started. So read the steps that are mentioned here carefully, and take as much time as you want to make the wreath.
Materials Required

♦ 1 foam wreath base
♦ Dried hydrangeas
♦ Pine cones
♦ Berry clusters (your choice of colors)
♦ Green leaves and twigs
♦ Floral wire
♦ Glue gun
♦ Scissors

Step #1

Before we begin decorating the wreath, you need to decide whether to use store-bought dried hydrangeas, or purchase fresh ones and dry them at home. If you're getting a good deal on the flowers, then go ahead and purchase them; skip the hassle of drying them yourself.

Step #2

If you want to get fresh flowers, and dry them at home, then there are few things you need to keep in mind. Select the flowers in various colors as it will make the wreath much more attractive. Also, when you dry them, either hang them upside down in a dark room, or keep them vertical in a flower vase.

Step #3

Either you can purchase a ready-made foam wreath base or you can make one with a wire clothes hanger. All you have to do is manipulate the shape into a circle (shape of the wreath), and use it so. Just make sure that the circle is flat, has a loop on top, and can be easily hanged once it is complete.

Step #4

Bring the flowers on your workstation and cut off the stems with the scissors; leave 2―3 inches of stem at the bottom.

Step #5

Take the first dried flower and the floral wire, and wrap it around the wreath. The floral arrangement will depend on your choice; how you want the wreath to look like. Use the different colors of the flowers, and arrange them to compliment one another. Also include the berry clusters, pine cones, twigs, and greens along the way.

Step #6

Using mushroom birds, fake fruits, ornament balls, and other dried flowers is also a great wreath decorating idea. Use the glue to fix the other decorative items on your wreath. Once you have arranged them all, you can hang it from the loop on the door. And that would be it; your wreath is ready.
As we have mentioned, the flower arrangement can be changed as per your choice. After all, it's all about being creative and bringing your individuality in the wreath.