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Ideas for Making Christmas Centerpieces

Reshma Jirage Dec 18, 2018
Christmas decorations are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Here are some unique ideas for making Christmas centerpieces.
"Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given. When Christmas Day comes, there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes." - Joan Winmill Brown, American author and editor
This famous Christmas quote reveals the feelings of everyone who is eagerly waiting for the Christmas season. Christmas brings a feeling of immense love and happiness. It's the time to cheer up, go for shopping, purchase unique Christmas gifts for your close ones, enjoy different delicious recipes and decorate your home.
Christmas celebrations involve customs and traditions that include Christmas decorations. Christmas is a perfect time to cherish and give totally a new look to your home with wonderful decorations. Christmas centerpieces are an integral part of Christmas decorations.
They offer a welcoming and festive look to your home. You will come across a huge variety of centerpieces available in the market. However, you need not spend much time and money in purchasing these. You can make some beautiful centerpieces on your own. These lavishly made centerpieces add a personal touch to the Christmas decorations.

Make Your Own Centerpieces This Christmas

There are a number of fantastic ideas for making Christmas centerpieces. What you need is a bit of your imagination and creativity.
You can use a variety of materials such as fresh flowers, silk flowers, fruits, ornaments, candles, toys, ribbons, colored balloons, glitters, colored water, mirrors, feathers, dolls, topiaries, branches, Christmas candies and miniature Christmas trees for making the centerpieces.
You can creatively make a use of colored bottles, baskets, beer steins, teapots, cocktail shakers, pitchers, copper or brass containers, metal cake molds and ceramic gingerbread houses. It depends on you whether to do one large arrangement or many smaller ones.
☞ Candles can make a wonderful centerpiece for Christmas. The soft glow of candles adds a sense of warmth and serenity to the atmosphere. You can use candles of different attractive shapes and colors. Place the candles on the top of a glass or mirror.
When the candlelight reflects off the glass or mirror, it gives an elegant touch to the Christmas decorations. A simple candle placed on a beautiful holder or a tall, elegant candle inside a big glass vase can make a great difference.
A white or cream candle inside a crystal-clear holder looks very appealing. Place some colored ornaments, pine cones, fresh flowers or anything of your choice inside the glass vase to offer an eye-catching look.
☞ To be more creative, you can embellish the candles with greenery or colorful ribbons. Tie a rope around the candle for a western flare and paste a small cowboy hat on it. You can get all these items at any local craft store.
☞ Beautiful flower arrangements and Christmas wreaths are some of the fascinating Christmas decorations. Fresh flowers make the atmosphere fragrant and refreshing.
Arrange a variety of vibrantly colored flowers including tulips, Dahlia, roses, etc. at the center of a table. Arrange them in the form of a bouquet or in a beautiful flowerpot.
Add some greenery, beautiful Christmas ornaments, fruits, small colorful Christmas balls and beautiful ribbons around the flowers. It would give an amazing look to the centerpiece. To be more specific, glue a picture of Santa Claus at the center of the floral arrangement.
☞ Christmas decorations cannot be complete without the addition of a Christmas tree. Place a large Christmas tree at the corner of your living room or decorate the room with several miniature Christmas trees. Brighten the trees with colorful ribbons and fairy lights.
☞ Place a pretty glass bowl at the center of a table. Arrange various fresh fruits such as cherries and cranberries in the bowl. It will make a lovely Christmas centerpiece. Since fruits are perishable, you can go for artificial fruits or Christmas tree balls of various sizes. This type of centerpiece lasts for a longer time.
☞ You can creatively make use of ball ornaments to create an attractive centerpiece. Take a crystal bowl and fill it with multicolored small and medium-sized Christmas ball ornaments.
Arrange a silver star garland in between the ornaments. You can use different color combinations such as blue and gold or blue and silver or silver and red.
☞ Arrange small tree branches at the center of a table. Decorate it with small garlands, greenery and colorful ribbons. An arrangement of fairy lights will give it a bright look.
☞ Another great idea for making the centerpieces is to fill a glass bowl with small gifts such as candies, chocolates and nuts. Your guests will surely like this type of centerpiece. Add some small, colorful pebbles or glass balls around the bowl.
With these simple, but fantastic ideas for making Christmas centerpieces, you can create some fabulous centerpieces that would give a stylish look to your home and double the pleasure of Christmas. It would be a great opportunity to get appreciation for your creativity from your relatives and friends. Merry Christmas!