Ideas for Painting Pumpkin Faces

Come Halloween and it is time to think about all the decorations that will make your house look creepier and spookier. Painted pumpkins can be the perfect addition to a scary theme.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Your house needs the right tone of creepy this Halloween and what could be a better option to celebrate the festival of trick and treat than with painted pumpkins. Halloween and pumpkins go hand-in-hand. Kids and adults both love painting pumpkin faces. But with each passing year it can get a little difficult to think of new ideas. We give you everything that you would need to give your pumpkin the perfect makeover.
There are some tips that you should keep in mind when you are painting pumpkins.
  • Pick colors that blend well with the d├ęcor that you intend to go with this Halloween.
  • Choose a pumpkin that has a nice shape with a smooth surface. An uneven surface can be used creatively if you have the knack. An odd bump on the surface can be used for a nose.
  • You can choose to use stencils to create your design if you are not too confident with the brush. Tape these stencils over the pumpkin and then use your brush to paint over it. Peel off the stencil.
  • Acrylic paints are best used to paint faces on pumpkins. Apart from acrylic paints, you can use spray-painting methods. Permanent markers or inks are useful for those who don't wish to try something too elaborate.
House of Monsters
Monster face on Pumpkin
Remember the monster that threatened to cause insomnia? What better way to celebrate the spooky, scary festival that is Halloween than to capture the essence of these monsters on the pumpkins decorating your house.

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Villains, Inc.
Painting on Pumpkin
The antagonists of any good movie or book always leave an imprint on minds. Trace the same on your pumpkins this Halloween to freak out everyone a little. The night of evil can always do with a little more fear.

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The Usual Suspects
Painting on pumpkin
We agree that using the same characters over and over again can be a little exhausting but sometimes cliches work the best. And Halloween is all about the scary and the supernatural. It is about the witches, the ghosts, the zombies, and the rest.

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The Trendsetters
Face on Pumpkin
If you want to give the usual theme of scary a miss this year, then there are other ideas that you can use. Try etching out the trendsetters of the year on your pumpkins and invite your guests to a star-studded evening.

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While painting faces on pumpkins is always a sure-shot winner, there are some other brilliant ideas that you can try out this Halloween. We provide you with some inspiration.
painting on pumpkin
Doodle on It
Spiders on pumpkin
Infest with Spiders
Painting on pumpkin
Build a House
There is no dearth of ideas that you can use to paint your pumpkins this year. Just keep an open mind, an eye out for sparkling ideas, and add a dash of creativity to your decorations this Halloween. Have fun!
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