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Inexpensive Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Madhura Pandit Dec 19, 2018
Here is a collection of some simple, unique and inexpensive Christmas centerpieces.
As Christmas is a season of holiday and enjoyment, it won't take a long time for your budget limit to cross. Right from clothes, gifts, Christmas decorations to the elaborate Christmas dinner and party; there is no stopping.
In this case, you must be obviously looking for ways to save a few bucks. Going for inexpensive Christmas centerpieces is one of the best options for saving money! Rather than spending for an elaborate centerpiece, you can try out different ideas and save a lot of money.

Ideas to Make Inexpensive Christmas Centerpieces

Making a Christmas centerpiece on your own helps in saving money as well as in showing off your creativity to your guests. You just need to look for any decorative articles at home which can be used for making centerpieces. Take a look at the following ideas for making inexpensive Christmas centerpieces, and you will know.

Christmas Decorations

You must have bought several attractive Christmas ornaments for decorations. You can create a simple and inexpensive centerpiece using some of the unused Christmas branches and decorations.
Arrange small Christmas tree branches in a flower vase, arrange a colorful garland around it and put some decoration balls into the vase. This is one of the best theme-based inexpensive centerpiece ideas.


You need not invest in attractive and decorative candles to make pillar candle centerpieces.
You can either buy simple white candles and decorate them with colors at home, or use floating candles as centerpieces. One of the simplest and inexpensive Christmas centerpiece ideas is to put small wreaths along the center line of the table and place candles in the center of the wreaths.

Garden Flowers

If you do not wish to invest in roses, orchids and lilies; you can make use of inexpensive flowers to make inexpensive Christmas centerpieces. You can also make centerpieces using your garden flowers.
Secondly, you can use daisies by arranging the daisies or colorful carnations together to form a beautiful centerpiece. Another idea is to have floating daisies with/without candles.

Miscellaneous Centerpiece Ideas

• Floating candles make the best inexpensive centerpieces. Add in a bit of contrasting color to the water and then float the candles for more dramatic effect.
• You can place colored pine cones (original or fake) at the center of small wreaths on a smaller Christmas dinner table.
• If you are looking for the easiest ideas for making Christmas centerpieces, then you can place sweets and chocolates in a large bowl (your best china) and place it at the center of the table.
• Another centerpiece idea is using tree branches. You can get small tree branches of any tree; but those of a Christmas tree will be a good idea. Get some branches, spray paint them in silver, gold or other colorful shades, and place them in a vase to make a centerpiece.
• Lastly, if you have heard of gift centerpieces, then you can try them for your Christmas dinner table. Place a single large gift or a pile of smaller gifts (arranged in the shape of a pyramid) at the center of the table!
You can make use of different articles and decorative pieces at home, and use your creativity to make inexpensive Christmas centerpieces. Lastly, note that making centerpieces at home is a work of art where creativity knows no bound! So, try it out. Merry Christmas!