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Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Kashmira Lad Jan 9, 2019
Everybody loves the sight of stockings bulging with gifts at the fireplace! Here are some ideas for inexpensive stocking stuffers to help you find the most appropriate gifts for your loves ones.
It was a cold windy night when Santa's sleigh soared through the air and landed on Katie's terrace. Katie heard Santa scrambling through the chimney as she lay quietly beneath the sheets. 
She so longed for the morning to arrive to check her stockings and presents kept beneath the Christmas tree! With these thoughts, she pulled her sheets tightly around her and drifted off into dreamland. 
Stockings bulging with gifts and tables laden with food, Christmas brings with it many reasons to celebrate. The X-mas tree all decked up with Christmas decorations and families dressed in their best, completely transform the look of every little street!
Holiday budgets often go haywire especially during Christmas time. It's the time when you have to plan gifts, as shopping at the last-minute is definitely not advisable. Filling up stockings with appropriate gifts every year for Christmas can surely be quite a task.
Thinking about inexpensive stocking stuffers that are different from what you gave last year is not really an easy job! Take a look at some ideas compiled here.

For Children

Kids always love the thought of opening up the stockings hence it's necessary you give the child something that will bring a big smile on the face. In case of children, it is easier to figure out which kind of stuffers one should opt for.
For younger kids, opt for toys. Educational toys would be a better option. Look for mini sized games or coloring books, art and craft books and materials etc. These are easily available and do not really burn a hole in the wallet.
For young girls, the options are aplenty. You can choose from glittering personalized bracelets, earrings, dolls or doll accessories, perfumes, etc. Kids will also love movie passes or tickets to the amusement park in their stockings. Teenagers can be given posters of their favorite movie stars or a voucher for their favorite eat-outs or malls.
If you wish to fill the stockings with loads of goodies, you can opt for a pack of magic tricks, camping items, cute stationery materials, chocolate and candies, bandanas, creative mugs, key chains, stickers, etc.
All these items are easily available in price ranges that will suit your budget as well as everyone will love them.

For Adults

Adults also love to hang their stocking by the fireplace. Bubble bath items or aromatic candles can be slipped into the stockings very easily!
You can also opt for personalized mugs (get a photograph printed on it), books, candy treats (who says adults don't like these!), photo frames, colognes (mini sized ones are easily available that can be stored in the stocking), cosmetics, fashion accessories, potpourris, flavored coffee, etc.
You can even write a poem or a letter on a beautiful sheet of paper and talk about how much the person means to you. Expressing your feelings for a person need not always cost you money and a letter will have a deeper meaning as compared to other gifts. Kids and adults appreciate tiny stuffed toys as well and these won't pinch your pocket!
If you need to come up with an idea for older adults, you can get a nice hand massager, which is a useful gift item and relives the person from stress. Creative desk accessories and diaries are great for the professional kinds.
You can also opt for interesting and inexpensive home accessories such as chimes or showpieces that look beautiful as a gift.
To pick up the right kind of stocking stuffers, you need to always think about the interests and hobbies of the person. There are many ideas you can come up with to make inexpensive Christmas gifts that can be used as stuffers! Finding stuffing's for stockings is not really a difficult task. Be creative and bring about glowing smiles on Christmas morning!