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Halloween Costume Ideas for Infants

Tulika Nair Oct 19, 2018
Are you looking for Halloween costume ideas for your baby? If yes, then here are some of the best baby Halloween costumes that you can choose from.
So it's your little one's first Halloween and what better way to celebrate the same than by dressing your tiny tot up in the cutest of Halloween costumes that you can get your hands on.
The markets are flooded with different infant Halloween costume patterns and you can choose from any of the costume ideas while making the decision about how you want to dress up your little one this Halloween.
While making this decision remember that it is important to choose clothes that will keep your baby warm. Bunting costumes that look like an enclosed gown can be your best option on a cold night as those cover your baby from head to toe completely.
Remember while making or buying costumes for your baby you should never buy anything that will restrict their movement in any manner or even cover their face.
Never buy a Halloween costume for an infant that comes with a mask or use face paint near their mouth or eyes. You do not want them to touch or lick anything that can be harmful to them. Given here are different infant Halloween costumes for 2010 that you can use for your child.

Pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern

A pumpkin or a Jack-o-lantern is one of the best options for Halloween costumes for babies as they can be easily worn over their clothes and do not in any way cause problems in movement. If your baby is a plump child then the pumpkin costume will look really cute on her, as the costume gives the baby a pudgy look that can be adorable.


Has your child shown a fascination for flying birds or cartoons of Donald duck? If yes, then dress your kid in a bird's costume.
These baby Halloween costumes are easily available in the market. If you have a talent for stitching and fashioning clothes, then this is one of the easy homemade ideas that you can opt for.


This is a very commonly used costume idea for kids. If you decide to make this at home, then all you need to do is dress up your kid in a green bunting costume.
For the petals, make a cloth ring that can be attached around your kid's head and then stitch petals to the ring. Floral costumes look very cute on girls and is one of the best baby Halloween costumes.


A baby's innocence makes it one of the best candidates to don an angel's costume. You can make simple angel costume at home by attaching wings to a cute white dress.
Alternatively you can buy an angel costume from the market. If you have twins and you are taking them to a Halloween party, then one of the most adorable infant Halloween costumes for twins can be to dress them as an angel and a devil.


If you are a fashion forward mom, then your daughter is going to acquire the trait. Dress up your kid in the latest trends as a little fashionista in the making.
It is a welcome change where baby Halloween costume ideas are concerned and is one of the quick and easy Halloween costumes for kids.


Another great option for a costume is to dress up your baby in cute animal outfits.
From rabbits to pigs to cats, there is no limit to the different costumes that you can opt for. If you are on the lookout for Halloween costumes to make at home then this is your best bet.


Some of the cutest baby Halloween costumes can be dressing them up as baby bugs, especially if your child has just started to crawl.
Choose from lady bug costumes and caterpillar costumes; there is a whole range of costumes that are available in the market. This is also one of the easy Halloween costume ideas to opt from.
So now you know about some of the best costume ideas that you can opt for. Remember that when you take your kid trick or treating, stay away from those houses that look too scary as it may scare the baby.
Also avoid trick or treating till late at night as the night will be chilly and you do not want your baby to catch a cold. Dress your baby up in these adorable and cute baby Halloween costumes and see how people gush at their very sight.