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Matching Halloween Costumes

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 17, 2018
Wearing matching Halloween costumes is what most couples or friends want to do. Let's see some great costume ideas.
Couples or best friends always love to dress up in similarly on Halloween. The concept of matching costumes has really caught on. You will see couples that are dressed up as vampires, bats, Draculas, or wild animals and birds.
The idea is not just limited to wearing the same costumes. Some people even dress up as doctor and nurse, Batman and Robin, Jack and Jill, etc. Combinations like bread and butter, mortar and pestle, and bee and flower can also be seen.

Ideas for Siblings

One of the best Halloween costumes for siblings is Batman and Robin. Another idea is the Superman and Batman combination. For girls, a great idea is to dress up as Powerpuff girls. Twins could dress up as pea in the pod.
If you are fond of insects, then why not dress yourself as a bumble bee, and then your brother or sister can dress up as a Lady bug. All these creative Halloween costumes can be bought from stores, or even ordered on-line.

Ideas for Couples

So you are in a relationship, and want the whole world to know it. There are many matching ideas for couples that are both scary & cute. How about dressing up as a space alien and a spaceship? One person can dress up as a flying saucer or spaceship, made of cardboard pieces. The other can dress up like an outer space alien with antennas, and huge green eyes.
If you want a more human avatar, then dress up as a doctor and nurse. Other good options are dressing up as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, and Angel and Devil. Most stores that rent out costumes for fancy dress and Halloween will definitely stock these costumes.

Ideas for Friends

There are many Halloween costumes that are great for besties. One of you can dress up as a bee, and the other can dress up as a jar or pot of honey. You can also dress as a bottle of ketchup, and a big burger bun. For two best friends who are teenage girls, one of the best ideas would be to dress like Alice in Wonderland and Humpty Dumpty.
And if you want something funky, then how about dressing like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton? Other good ideas for friends are lemon and lime, salt and pepper shakers, and a pair of dice.
Some of these costumes can be even made at home with very less effort. Hope that you get inspired from these ideas. Happy Halloween!