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Brilliant Napkin Holder Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Sep 30, 2018
Attractive napkin holders on the table can sure catch the attention of your guests. Read the ideas given here to give napkin holders a new definition.
Napkin holders are certainly more than a utility item. They are no more placed in plain crystal glasses, instead come with attractive holders and rings. Beautifully decorated holders can also be treated as centerpieces or favors for your guests.
You don't always have to buy expensive ones from the market, instead you can make your own napkin holders using some creativity. Not only you can save money by making them yourself, but you can also render your personal touch to these items.

Creative Napkin Holder Ideas

Wooden Holders

They come in variety of styles and designs. You can select the color and type of wood as per your choice.
The wooden holders provide a firm base to hold the napkin. This type of napkin holder is durable, and looks particularly good on tables with wooden top.

Acrylic Holders

Acrylic holders mostly come in clear varieties, but you may also find ones that are beautifully painted.
Since, acrylic napkin holders offer a clear view, you can place colored, decorative napkins in them. Thus, you can get the benefits of crystal holders without spending much.

Metal Holders

They mostly come in two varieties, viz., wrought iron and bronze. Metal napkin holders are ideal, if you want to give an antique look to your table decorations.
Metal holders are available in attractive designs and patterns, and often in unique shapes. Steel holders are also popular, if you want a spic and span look on the table.

Napkin Ring Holders

Pearl Ring

You might have to explore your jewelry box to look out for an old pearl necklace or other pieces of jewelry. Wind the pearl necklace around the napkin to make an elegant pearl napkin ring.
Look out for old bracelets, earrings, or neck pieces, which can be wrapped around the napkin. If you want to match all the napkin rings on the table, buy as many faux pearl necklaces as you want.

PVC Pipes

Cut the PVC pipes into a desired length and clean the pieces thoroughly. Sand the rough edges, and paint the pipe with modeling paint.
Alternatively, you may also wrap the pipe in a shiny gift paper. Using a glue, stick the paper to the surface of the PVC, and tape it to provide additional adherence.

Coffee Mugs

Handles of coffee mugs can serve as napkin rings for informal meets. Place colored mugs on the table with napkins through them. Guests may take them away as favors.
You can make napkin holders according to the theme of the occasion. For instance, use red and green holders for Christmas dinners, and red and white for new year's party. For Easter, use a combination of blue, pink, and white.
For weddings you can make these holders according to the theme of the wedding. If you absolutely have no idea or if you are in a hurry, then simply tie a satin ribbon around the napkin. Choose the right color of the ribbon, so as to reflect the significance of the event.
Thus, decorative and fancy napkin holders can definitely add to your table decorations. Hope these ideas help you for making truly a beautiful holder, which will have your guests talking about it for days.