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New Year's Eve Party Themes

Rujuta Borkar Dec 26, 2018
New Year's Eve is coming up pretty soon and you need ideas for that party. Correct? Here are some of the most fun New Year's Eve party themes that you can use to bring in the new year with a whole lot of fun and excitement.
The new year is somewhere right around the corner and you are thinking of hosting a party...and that's pretty much all that you know. You have absolutely no idea the kind of themes you'll be taking up, nor the kind of games you'll play or how you'll integrate both these in one solid theme.
All you know is that you want to bring in the coming year with a whole lot of excitement and furor and that's about it. Then guess what? That is exactly what we are here for.
We'll help you plan one of the best New Year's Eve parties with some of the most exciting themes and party games that you can include. Read on to get a complete know-how of some of the best New Year's Eve party themes and ideas.

Themes and Ideas

Here's you get the information on some of the best party themes that you can come up with for your New Year's Eve party. Take note of some of the things that you can do on New Year's Eve in the following section.

Color Coordinated

Think it's childish, hackneyed or clich├ęd even? Well, it's not. Getting into the party becomes more fun when there is some common theme that you have to dress up for. It gives you a whole lot more to think about and prepare for.
You'll know exactly what we're saying when you start looking for that perfect outfit to fit the color theme. Come up with a color scheme that anyone can easily adopt and dress up in. Like a white and red theme or a formal black tie affair, or a green and red theme.

The Elements of Nature

Want your guests to really think and invest their energy on the way they dress? Then use an element theme. Inform the guests that they have to wear something that signifies either wind, earth, fire or water. Watch as they come up with unique ways of working it into their costumes and how they manage to make it happen.

Ice, Ice Everywhere

There's so much that can be done with the ice theme. One only needs to make it happen. Have ice sculptures made (simple one made at home look just as good as professionally carved ones) and place them at the buffet, or in several other places that you can manage.
A fun way of serving drinks is to fill the water in glasses and freeze them. Then break the ice in the middle so that a hollow is created and fill it with the drink of your choice. The guests will love it. Alternatively, you could even use colored ice cubes in all the drinks for a fun-filled element.
Get some dry ice and pour water on it to create a mist and fog ambiance. Have a blue and white color code to go with the ice theme. Use ice in a can to create a snow effect indoors. Have stalls of crushed ice in snow cones and slush drinks and watch people enjoy themselves. One could also use this theme to come up with games that center around ice and snow.

Other Popular Themes

There are several popular themes that have been used over the years. Here is a list of the very same.
  • Era themes (40s, 50s, 70s)
  • Copy a star and dress like them
  • Beach party
  • Mardi grass
  • Masquerade party
  • Pool party
  • Luau party
  • Musical concert party
  • Glow in the dark party
  • Potluck party

New Year's Eve Party Games

And what will you do at the party? Won't you need some party games to play? Here are some ideas that you can use.

Switch and Match Game

Age group or the number of people at the party, nothing matters; this game is a hit among all.
Divide the people into two groups. Have team A study team B for a minute before sending team B out of the room. Team B is given a minute to exchange certain items of clothing and/or accessories. After the time has lapsed, team B enters the room and team A has to guess the changes that they can see.
After this, team B studies team A for 60 seconds before team A leaves the room. Only this time, some of them from team A will change their hairstyles and then re-enter the room. Team B will guess what the changes are. The team that guesses the most correct answers, wins. Alternately, the guests can even be paired in twos for this game.

Board Games

Does that seem boring to you? Not if you make it fun with some of the best board games that you can think of. And they won't be the sit-in-the-corner-and-play-the-games-in-groups kind of games at all.
Choose your games carefully, like Taboo and Pictionary or Charades and you'll have guaranteed fun with everyone involved.

Drunk Games

Drunk games, needless to say, can only be played at an adult party. When the guests enter the party, have them turn the 'drinks wheel' 3 times. This wheel has the names of all the drinks that are being served at the party.
Every time the wheel stops, the drink that it points to has to be added to a glass. Then a shot of the 3 drinks that the wheel had pointed to has to be downed even before they enter the party. After this one, every single game that they play will be doubly fun. Try it and see.
And that's how one plans a party with the help of these unique party and game ideas. Hope you got some ideas from this piece and will be able to plan an excellent party for your guests and you.