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New Year's Resolutions 2019

Tulika Nair Dec 26, 2018
Make your life unbelievably awesome so that you won't need a resolution next year! Here are some New Year's resolution ideas to help you out.

Did You Know?

While many of you might not know this but the concept of New Year's resolutions has its origins in the spiritual customs of Judaism. The Jewish New Year concludes in what is known as the Day of Atonement which is when you are expected to ponder over your wrongdoings of the year that has gone by and look for forgiveness.
Remember your last year's resolution? Think about that one resolution which came on your to-do list for just the first week of January. Guilty, eh? But if in the December of 2019, you want to proudly say that, “Yes, I kept my resolution throughout the year!”, then go through these ideas to help you find out the right resolutions for 2019 and stick to them.

“Health Is Indeed Wealth!”

Let go of your captivating bed early in the morning. Go for a jog, head to a gym or do some yoga, meditate for at least half an hour, and most importantly quit smoking. It will definitely show results within weeks.
Never miss breakfast, add more vegetables to your diet, and drink less beer, more water. It can be very tiresome to follow these things in the beginning, but once you get used to this routine, you will enjoy your new state of physical as well as mental health!

Want To Learn Something New? Learn To Finish It Too.

Everyone's level of motivation is at its peak on 1st January. You decide to learn Java, French, guitar, and even want to fly an airplane! But how many times have you finished what you started?
This year, pick one or two new things and give your heart and soul to finish it. Even if it's not remotely related to your career, it will still look good on your resume. If you're already good at something, learn to teach it to less fortunate children or start blogging about it. Just get going!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Feeling comfortable in your routine? It might be the best time to change it. That said, life starts at the end of your comfort zone! Start from small changes and aim for the big achievements.
It can be anything from changing your haircut to changing your job. Take a different route to your work. Be a vegetarian for a week. Go for adventurous sports on weekends. Get ready to make new mistakes. Who cares if you fail? At least you tried! Push yourself to become more awesome than last year.

“The earth without art is just eh!” -Anonymous.

Yes, you can't be Picasso in a day, but it doesn't mean that you can't give it a shot. Are you a fan of any TV series? Then decorate your room with it, draw characters and hang its posters.
Don't hire someone for the job, do it yourself! Learn typography, sketching, create a scrapbook of last year, find a pen friend and write to him/her. If you think you're way too creative for your boring IT job, start thinking about making art as your career. Show the world your inner Leonardo da Vinci!

Travel Somewhere Beyond WiFi's Reach!

Like J.R.R. Tolkien said, 'Not all who wander are lost!'
Pack your bag, get your passport. Don't even think about planning your journey, be a hitchhiker for a week. Just wander around a new city, meet new people, live with complete strangers, click lots of photos (don't hashtag or Instagram them), and most importantly, don't spend a second on social media. This will definitely help you to redefine yourself.

Spend Some Time With Family

Can you remember the last time you called your mom? No? Then it's time to not just call or Skype, but it's time be there. After all, family is everything and we tend to forget that.
Technology can bring us closer, but nothing can replace your actual presence. If you are a parent and your heart aches that you can't play with your little angels, then plan a week's holiday just for them. Play their games, cook their favorite food and spend some quality time with your better half. Or start dating again to fill the gap between your fingers.

“A Lannister always pay his debts!” - Game of Thrones

At some point, everyone is tired of being in debts. Make this year's resolution to be financially secure. Make savings automagical, evaluate your expenses, tell your friends not to loan you money.
Invest in the future, secure your family by investing in medical funds, pay bills immediately, avoid excessive shopping, and be smart about investments; these tips will definitely reduce your debts and help you get rich.

Make an I-don't-want-to-do-this-again List!

Every year you plan some ideal resolutions that fail miserably and make you sad. So, instead of making a to-do list, make a not-to-do list.
✔ No drunk calls to your ex.
✔ No duckface selfies.
✔ Write every drunken mistake & add 'stop doing' to it.
✔ Don't take fortune cookies too seriously.
✔ Don't try to be perfect according to other people's opinions.
✔ Don't post about every little detail of your life on social media.
✔ Don't try to compare your life partner with a fictitious character.
✔ Don't be ideal. Be weird.

Start A Weird And Fun Tradition

Traditions like dressing up on Halloween and secret Santa are celebrated every year in everyone's home. Let this new year see some new traditions. On 31st July (birthday of the famous character Harry Potter), you can dress up like wizards, cast spells and have fun with your friends.
Start a secret handshake with your best friend. You can dedicate one day of a month to plant a tree and a little get-together around it. There are so many things you can do, you just have to be innovative.
These were some of the ideas to plan and execute your new year resolutions in a better way. We hope you have a great and fulfilling year ahead!