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10 Fun and Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year

Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Christmas
Christmas is the festival of sharing joy! Spread the cheer by showering love on your family members, friends, and pets. Along with them, give a thought to those who don't have the privilege of celebrating this festival. This Christmas, spend the day with a lonely couple or a poor family.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018
A novel way to celebrate Christmas is by volunteering for a charity or spending the day in an orphanage. Most charities need extra volunteers during the holiday season. If you're an animal lover, you can spend the day in an animal shelter.
thoughtful gifts
Instead of just buying something fancy, a smaller but thoughtful gift will make your family members feel more special and loved. Homemade cookies or chocolates, notes, cards, or messages written lovingly for them will make unforgettable Christmas gifts.
gift someone Christmas
Wondering how you can gift someone Christmas? Very simple! May be there's a poor family who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas, or an old couple who don't have anyone to celebrate with.
All you gotta do is spend some time with them, share your food, and gift them joy! Make your Christmas truly special this year, by giving a thought to the less unfortunate souls out there.
family vacation
Christmas is traditionally celebrated at home, but having the same routine may become a little monotonous, especially as kids grow older. A short weekend trip can be a welcome change for everyone. Plus, you'll spend time together and get to relax as well.
Christmas Resolutions
Why wait till the New Year to make resolutions? By making resolutions on Christmas, you'll get bonus time and a head-start to the year. The entire family can write down their goals for the upcoming year on cute cards, and hang them on the Christmas tree.
skip the gifts
Christmas and gifts go hand in hand, but gifting every family member something can be very taxing on the pocket. The best way would be to forgo the gifts and do something fun together.
All the family members can pitch in and opt for an activity everyone will enjoy. So go to that fancy restaurant or for a concert, the choice is yours!
put up a live tree
Most households have a fake or cut Christmas tree. But a living tree has more advantages than you think. Plant that tree in backyard or donate it to some nursery after the holiday season. It is biodegradable, releases oxygen, and has less probability of catching fire. Go green this year!
Cultural Christmas
Find out about traditions around the world, and celebrate Christmas in an innovative way. It can be an exciting change for all family members, as you have a themed celebration.
Christmas Lights On Australian House
Serve traditional food of that region or country, put on their music, and decorate your place accordingly. Every Christmas will be exciting and different for you then!
non-traditional meal
Christmas dinner need not be restricted to turkey, cranberries, or potatoes. There are many non-traditional Christmas dinner ideas too. All family members can cook together and go for varied cuisines.
Meatball Spaghetti
Pizza, spaghetti, tacos, or lasagna; non-traditional Christmas food ideas can be as unconventional as you want.
Christmas days
Why limit the celebrations to just one day, when you can celebrate Christmas for 12 full days! From 25th December to 5th January, everyday has a different significance. 5th January evening is called the Eve of Epiphany. You can celebrate everyday in a different way.
Father Receiving Christmas Present
Exchange small gifts everyday, cook special dishes, spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy an extended holiday!