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Unconventional and Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Rujuta Patil Nov 20, 2018
Bored of the same old traditional ways to go about Thanksgiving every year? Try some nontraditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this time, like visiting a destination you always wanted to, or enjoying a foreign cuisine and experimenting with it your way, or anything that will refresh you.
A vacation or a short trip is one of the best nontraditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Relax and enjoy the holiday visiting a place you always wanted to, or somewhere nearby on your bike, a hike, or a trail through the woods.
Want to be with the family and make it fun this Thanksgiving? Get together not just for the feast, but set aside time for everyone (including ladies after they are done with the kitchen work) to sit together and watch an old favorite television series. That will definitely ensure a good laugh!
For years it has been turkey. How about some Chinese, Indian, Italian, or Turkish food as an alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Also, you could complement that with the traditional wear of the foreign land. A nontraditional and unique idea, where the most important thing still remains food.
Nontraditional Thanksgiving traditions can be started with planning family reunions. Or, exclusive family reunions if everyone does not stay close by. You can even have a wonderful outing and set up the Thanksgiving dinner there.
Engage in helping others and feel blessed this Thanksgiving holiday. Volunteer to build shelter homes, feed people, or take your kids to an orphanage and celebrate Thanksgiving with the children there.
Why wait until Christmas to make holidays exciting and full of surprise? Get your family and friends some simple, yet cool gifts, and set a new trend to express gratitude towards all your loved ones. Remember, the wrapping with ribbons and bows is very crucial here too.
Let your body work out and burn a little calories after having multiple rounds of all the Thanksgiving delicacies on plate. Go out, make teams, and enjoy classic games with all the family members. Run, jump, and fall down like a kid, because it's so refreshing! Much better than sitting on the couch watching football, like every other year.