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Office Christmas Party Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Dec 18, 2018
Organizing an office party for Christmas, and need some party ideas for the same? Read the following information and you'll have some of the best and most creative ones.
Most organizations usually have a Christmas office party scheduled for their employees to bid the year a final goodbye and bring in the new year with style. The kind of office party you organize depends completely on the budget that has been prepared.
But then again, you don't really need a whole lot of money to have fun. You can have as much fun with a small party. All you need is a big enough space and some activities and food, and you're set.

Games and Activities

Games will get everyone to start interacting with each other and break the ice to see people beyond their profiles at work. Here are some ice breaker activities and party games that you can include at the party. All games can be played for a previously decided time like a minute or a minute and a half.

Puzzle Mix

Divide the employees into equal number of teams with equal number of members. Hand them each a piece of paper that is a part of a bigger picture.
At the blow of the whistle, they have to find the members who have the rest of the pieces that will complete the puzzle, and once the picture is complete, they have to tape it on to a chart paper that has been arranged on a side table. The first team to finish the picture, wins.

Flour Face

At one end of the table a paper plate filled with flour has been kept with a small candy in it. As the whistle blows the members have to run to the table with their hands tucked at the back they need to use only their mouths to fish into the plate and find the sweet. The first person to find and transfer it into a plate at the other end of the room, wins.

Water Bowl

Bowls filled with water are kept and a spoon and an empty container is provided for. At the blow of the whistle, the members have to use the spoon and start transferring the water from the bowl to the empty container. At the end of the time, the team with the maximum water in the empty container, wins.

Obstacle Race

Not like the one you play on a sports field, it could be a simple one that includes activities completing a round of hopscotch, drinking a glass of bitter juice, wearing a shirt that has a lot of buttons, and other simple activities. It's simple and fun and when put together, creates a whole lot of challenge.

Movie Reels

Another great idea is to show them movies. Not the boring corporate kind, but the fun films like office gag reels or comedy films and bloopers. All of these are seen to work really great.

Gag Award Ceremony

Another company Christmas party idea that you can use is to hold a gag award ceremony. Things like the award for the person who always comes late, a person who always wears a particular color and things like that. It's a fun way to get the crowds laughing.
Another activity on the same lines is an activity simply titled 'Fishpond' (I dunno how the name came about, though). So what you do is ask the crowds to write in hilarious messages about other employees (not hurtful, obscene, or any of those other negative kinds), just funny. And then you read it out at the award function.


An all-time favorite activity is to simply provide for some music and let people dance. Nothing better to relieve stress and get people out of their shells.
Get the party rolling and you'll have a very, very happy staff waiting for you in the year that comes.