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Pretty Outdoor Christmas Wreaths

Sheetal Mandora Dec 19, 2018
Are you confused as to which outdoor Christmas wreaths to choose from? Here are some ideas to help you find the right one for your home...
No matter if your Christmas decoration is limited to few items or you are planning an extravagant décor, a Christmas tree and a wreath on the front door is like mandatory. Without these two essential decoration items, the feel of Christmas doesn't seem right.
Won't you agree? We all have some memories or connotations about what a festival should be like and to me, Christmas is all about decorating your home, spending time with your family and friends, and enjoying the day.
So this year, while shopping for the decorations, make sure you get the perfect wreath. And if you are confused or don't know what to look for, then perhaps we can help you guide in the right direction.

Choose a Wreath

❄ In order to choose outdoor Christmas wreaths for the front door, you need to first figure out what your budget is. Without that, there's no point in looking at any wreaths.

❄ The next point to consider is the weather condition. Depending on how harsh or mild the winters are in your city, purchase a fresh or artificial wreath to decorate your front door.
❄ Look for artificial wreaths, if need be. They can withstand any weather and will last for a long time (you can use it for many more years). You can even save on Christmas expenses this way (use it for a few years).
❄ If you don't want artificial ones, go with wreaths made of balsam fir branches. They can handle different types of climate conditions. Plus, you will get a chance to decorate them however you like; a new decoration each year.
❄ Now comes the flower arrangements. If the weather is questionable, then go with decorations that have assembled flowers, twigs, and other embellishment. The fresh flowers won't wilt before Christmas day arrives.
❄ You can also purchase the ones with a bow, if there isn't a worry of rains during Christmas. You don't want your wreath to look drenched when guests arrive, do you?
❄ Before you choose the size of the wreath, do consider the size of your front door. If the door is standard size, then there's no point in purchasing one that is bigger than the door. The length and width of the door will determine the size of your wreath.
❄ If you somehow didn't find a wreath with the kind of decoration you were searching for, you can consider decorating the wreath on your own.
❄ Any other decorations such as mushroom bird, dried fruits, ornaments, etc. should be fixed with glue or floral wire so it won't fall off.
These are few points you should remember while choosing a wreath for your front door. If you feel that you would like to make a wreath at home this year, then go through the steps on how to make wreaths given here.

Make Wreaths from Scratch

❄ To make your very own wreath, you'll need a base, dried assorted flowers, pine cones, berry clusters, green leaves, ribbon, balsam fir branches, floral wire, glue gun, and scissors.
❄ Wrap the balsam fir branches and green leaves (or twigs) around the wreath base with the floral wire.
❄ Now with the glue gun, we will start decorating the wreath. Attach the assorted flowers, berry clusters, pine cones and other ornaments and embellishment such as mushroom birds, fake fruits, bow, etc.
❄ Arrange the items as per your imagination. As you keep attaching the decorations on the wreath, you'll know how much or less you want it.
❄ Take floral wire and insert it from the top of the wreath (from inside the branches) and make a loop.
❄ Tie the ribbon over this floral wire in the shape of a bow and hang it on your front door.
These were the instructions you need to follow very closely. While hanging wreaths, make sure you don't use a thin piece of ribbon or thread. The main thing to know is that no matter how little or how much decoration you do, the spirit of this holiday will always be around all of us. Merry Christmas in advance!